October 18th, 2009


Baby parasol / umbrella (Stains)

I got this foldable baby umbrella but i dont know if its just me but the color seems to be running and its making my parasol yellow :/ has this happened to anyone before or have any recommendations to help me get the stain outs? Ive only used it out on the rain and i noticed it the first day, its making me sad wheni use it ;____;

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Bodyline question

Does anyone know what the "Price half/quarter declaration (optional)" thingy is when ordering from bodyline because I'm ordering now for my first time from them and I have no idea what it is.
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PMX Fashion Update #3

PMX Fashion Update #3

After a slight delay, Head Table tickets for the Wonderland Tea Party with Angelic Pretty are now up for auction. In other news...

1. Head Table Auction
2. General Admission ticket sale cut-off date
3. Boutique Hours and Locations
4. Event Schedule
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Do they exist?

Hey ladies, I was wondering if any of the replica boots exist in the sax colour? (Or  where they might be available) Because I see other replica shoes in lavender and sax when they aren't normally made that way from a brand. I figured they'd release something by now. Am I the only one who thinks blue needs more love? :<

Milanoo got me mad :(

Ok so I was ordering from them like in the beginning of the month and I got a dress custom ordered. I really want that dress to come before the end of the week and was starting to worry that it still wasn't processed so I did the little live chat thingy with the online helper people. I asked the lady if she could check when my order will be shipped and arrive. I gave her my order number and she checks it and says that the measurements of the dress seemed wrong. They were : (bust 203CM, length 213CM, hips 190CM, waist 213CM) and my real measurements were no where near that. They said that they tried to contact me (which made me kind of happy that they cared) but I never recived any emails from them. So after all that she says that they are not doing custom ordering for a period of time and only have standard sizing but none of the standard sizing actually fits me. I also asked if I could cancel my order and she says that  it's night time in China so she's going home or something. i guess it's not really their fault but they could have at least called because they have my phone number. (I think that their computer messed up the measurements because I know for a fact that I put it the correct ones).
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Picture Request (sorry, I guess)

I've recently acquired a pair of knee-high black faux leather boots. I was looking for inspiration and ideas of ways to co-ordinate them in a lolita (or just lolita-influenced) outfit.
So does anyone have pictures of a lolita coordinate with knee-high boots?
Thanks very much in advance!
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Possible NYC lolita meet? And a hairstyle question.

First of all, I'm totally inspired by this post and was wondering if any of you New York City lolitas would be interested in doing something like this? All you'd need is a really bad ita coord. Anything from Hot Topic, "bohemian lolita", et cetera would work. Get some use out of that really bad OP from your ita days (you know, the one that nobody would buy and/or you are too embarrassed to sell on the sales comm) or wear a regular dress and throw a petticoat under it! Because anything can be made lolita with a petticoat, amirite?

If you'd be interested in something like this, comment here! Even if I only have a few people, we can work something epic out. It'll be fun and silly and we can try to pick out a day that works for us all.

Also, I'm cutting my hair on Friday~ It's currently about shoulder length and I'm trying to grow it so it's more of a trim and style than a cut. If any of you have any awesome hairstyle ideas that go with lolita, I'd love to see them. :].