October 17th, 2009

h.Naoto's Hangry & Angry at PMX!!

Pacific Media Expo is proud to welcome Gashikon as our last designer Guest of Honor. Gashikon is probably best known as the designer of the popular Hangry & Angry line of clothing distributed under the h.Naoto line. Gashikon will be participating in the Pacific Media Expo Fashion Show and will also be hosting a panel to meet her fans and to answer questions from aspiring designers. Gashikon is appearing courtest of Cure Media.

Come see the latest fashions from Hangry & Angry at the the Pacific Music Live 09 Concert and the Pacific Media Expo Fashion Show. The clothing will also be available for viewing and for sale at the h.Naoto booth in the Exhibit Hall.

For more information, visit www.pacificmediaexpo.com
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Wig vs. Hair. What's your vote? I like the fact that you can change a wig every day and do whatever you want with them. But how hard are they to take care of and keep on your head? Do they look natural in real life?

Photo Post: Model Home Village and Japanese Gardens

This summer, I dragged some friends around Houston and Katy, Texas to take photos for the Daily Frill. The past couple of days, I finally got around to poking around in the folders and edited some of them. I normally don't go heavy on Photoshop and just let the photos do their own thing, but I decided to tweak some of the post processing on these.

As always, critique on the compositions or processing is highly appreciated! I hope you enjoy them!

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Rilakkuma Face
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Looking to ask 10 lolitas 5 brief questions for a class assignment.

UPDATE: Wow, guys! :D I got way more than 10 replies! Thank you so, so much. I really appreciate it. All your answers were great! <333

As a minor assignment for one of my strategic communication classes at college, I need to ask 5 brief questions (on any topic) to 10 different people. I chose lolita fashion as my topic. The point of the assignment is really only to practice interviewing people online and learn how to ask "good" questions. :P If anyone has time to answer the 5 questions, as well as provide some demographic information, I would be extremely grateful. You can view the questions and more information Collapse )
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milanoo shoes: where did they go?

Just a quick question, but when I searched on Milanoo today, I could no longer find their lolita shoes section! D: anyone know what happened?

On a side note, they have new dress selections :D I'm still waiting for my dress that I ordered from them..I hope mine turns out well :\
Also, anyone getting the Halloween Voucher? I think the voucher is basically buy-1-get-1-free, right? Cuz you supposedly get a voucher of whatever amount you last purchased (so if you purchased $1000 worth of stuff while the promotion is going on, you get a $1000 off next purchase voucher)
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What should I do with my hair?

I decided to wear casual lolita to my Aunt's Halloween party this year. The problem is, I am growing out my bangs which used to be very blunt and the bangs are very thick. (alot of bangs)Kind of Betty Paige style bangs. Now, they are past my eyes but not quite touching the tops of my ears. They are at the worst point of looking awful. Headbands will not hold them back, the headbands always slip or hurt my backs of my ears. My hair is almost black and very straight. Can some helpful lolitas give me some hints about what to do with my sheep dog bangs?
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Loli - Little red rid(d)ing hood
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Guro VS sweet photoshoot ♥

Earlier this week I visited the lovely annadesu yet again and we ended up doing two lolita photoshoots with her as the gorgeous model~ We wanted to make a rather gloomy guro lolita photoshoot and a sweet berries photoshoot.
annadesu is the model on all the pictures and I am the photographer!
For the guro shoot she wore my homemade dress and for the sweet shoot she wore Metamorphose~

We hope you enjoy

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