October 16th, 2009

Disneyland photopost and a few questions

We've had plenty of posts over the years about various negative experiences trying to visit Disneyland in lolita, so lets change it up and have one about all the positive experiences you've had at the park(s). Have you been to any of the Disney parks in lolita? What did you wear? Did you feel like it hindered your fun, or kept you off any certain rides? If you've got them- post your pictures, or include links to old disneyland posts. :)

I recently went to Disneyland wearing lolita and had a lot of fun. I didn't have any issues getting in and all the cast members were super nice and had nothing but sweet things to say.
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which SecretShop AP boots do you want for this winter?

please leave me a comment with the styles, the size, and colors


colors:white, pink black, red, brown

-price for both boots will be about $80~90CAD depends on how many people are interested in the boots.

**note: this is not a reservation. the actual reservation will start about a week after this.

Halloween guro lolita nurse


I have been looking for these shoes for a long time. I found them once in black but the seller said that "the shoes were made for her store only and they don't sell them anymore". I know for a fact that the shoes weren't made for her store only because I saw them on another site (the one in the link)
Does anyone have these shoes or can point me to a store that has them?
its the 3rd picture, the red shoe with the black rose with chains
Thank You!


Question: Bodyline shoes/sizing


With Mr. Yan's furious-like-shit sale and cheaper-than-DHL (oh my! but is it as fast?) EMS shipping going on, I am purchasing some shoes from Bodyline.
However, the sizing boggles me! I usually wear a UK 6 (which I believe is a US 8, yes I know, hueg liek xbox feets) and the sizing according to that is 25.
When I measure my feet I come up with 23.5cm... which is apparently a size 4, a size I can never recall being. Ever.

Is Bodyline's sizing chart just off - should I order a 23.5 in confidence or spring for a size larger? Are they generally roomy?

For reference, these are the ones I am thinking of getting although there are these gorgeous Vivienne Westwoods that are staring at me from Selfridge's window.
TL;DR: Your "normal" shoe size, your Bodyline shoe size, and other shoe sizing malarkey.

NB: Yes, I have used the search function; however I was hoping for a few more answers from others who may have experience with BL's shoes.
(Also, if I could I would tag this so others could find it useful, but I can't! sorry :()

General concensus on Bodyline's shoe sizing
Order your shoes by the CM, but keep in mind that they tend to run half a size too big.
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