October 14th, 2009

Please give me opinion! University lecture calling Lolita as Cosplay

Hi lolitas!
How are you all?
I haven't post anything for a long time but today I really need your opinion!

Today, I had a class for Japanese Fashion.
And they covered "harajuku-fashion" as well... of cause.
Uni even invited a guy how claim to be "expert" of Japanese fashion but he said that "Harajuku-fashion" is a cosplay.
He actually showed some pictures and they included not just normal lolitas but also hybers and dekora and quite normal people as well as SOME cosplay photos.

To be honest, I think it's wrong.
If it's one person's believe is fine but they are teaching in uni as if it is true.
I just wanted to make sure that does actually majory of us think that lolita is in fact cosplay.
Please share your opinion.
If majority think its not, I'm going to talk to lecture to acknowledge what we,as majory, thinks.

Thanks guys!

Cake Hat in Paris Chocolate Fashion Show

So Paris had a chocolate themed fashion show. Lo and behold, this cake hat was there as well:

I believe it's all of the fashion in the show has real chocolate incorporated. O_o
The hat itself is a little too over the top for my tastes, but hopefully it will mean more realistic looking food items will be available on the cheap this year. Perhaps we'll be seeing one-offs and more sweets themed off-brand trickle down to department stores next season! It would be great if somewhere like Charlotte-Ruse or F21 had collections that drew from some of the silhouettes.

Why can I only imagine this under a skirt for epic silhouette?
Could this mean super petti friendly dress knock offs will come this year?
Close up of the hat (>__> It's #16 in the slide show)