October 13th, 2009

2of a Kind


I checked the comm memories and found a few reviews on the milanoo shoes and even one pair of bloomers - but i was unable to find any reviews on the dresses,skirts and other clothing they sell in the lolita section. Has anyone braved their smolderingly seductive prices and purchased a dress from them yet? I was tempted by : http://www.milanoo.com/upen/v/200910/Red-Shepherd-Check-Sleeveless-Lolita-Dress-16660-1.jpg since it was only 63$ But With that site its rare they distinguish what is their own photo and what is just a reference from a Main Brand.

Stock Photo Request

I'm curious to know if anybody has stock photos of Angelic Pretty's Sweet Cake JSK in red. I have that one and I've checked on flickr, but I could't find it. Also, every time I do a google image search, I turn up with dead ends.

Oh, and other accessories and items related to Sweet Cake would also be appreciated!
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Question about synthetic leathers

I've tried searching but didn't find anything.

I'm going to buy some winter boots, but the problem is that all the brands seem to use synthetic leather. Some synthetic leathers freeze and break in the cold (the handles of my f+f bag did T_T), but some do not. So, my question is, what brands' synthetic leathers are good and don't break when it's cold? I'm interested in almost any brand (Baby, Meta, AP, IW...) and offbrand (An-ten-na, chinese brands, etc.) too. Even something about brands' synthetic leather quality generally would help. And, another question, are there any brands that make boots out of real leather? I only know Rose Chocolat.

Thank you ^_^

Ordering from Chocomint through Rakuten International

I was wondering if anyone here was familar with purchasing from chocomint from the USA? I went ahead and followed the directions of creating a membership and went ahead with purchasing an order. I did notice that when I received my email stating an order had been placed, only a total of the items were shown and there didn't appear to be a price for shipping. Will that be charged to my card later & how will they notify me about that?

I tried to purchase some of the Halloween special goods, but later I read:
"Rakuten International Shipping Services are currently available only for registered articles at our service page.
Other articles are not supported under Rakuten International Shipping Services.

The Halloween items are not listed.

So is my order most likely to be canceled?

Any shared experiances are much appreciated.