October 12th, 2009


Kodona, ouji and dandy - different styles?

Believe me, I've done my research about this, and it's perhaps hard to give a definite answer since information about these styles are harder to find than lolita info.

Long time ago I read that kodona and ouji are the same, kodona was a term made-up by a j-rocker, and isn't used in Japan very much when refering to the style. However, some argue that kodona are the more punk-ish kodona look, and ouji is the more spoiled prince look. I don't know if this is true, but that's what I read. I've not seen anyone else mentioning this, so it makes me doubt.

I've also always thought that dandy was a related but different style than ouji/kodona. A bit more mature version. But I'm not so sure about this anymore, as I've recently read that it's the same as ouji/kodona.

Help? Thoughts?
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Tokyo Rebel store opening and other news!

It's been a little while since we posted here and we thought that those of you who don't actively follow us might still be interested to read about/see some photos from our NYC store opening and hear about some other things we've got going on, especially as we add more Lolita. We're now at 170 Avenue B in NYC. Innocent World, Victorian maiden, Putumayo, Maxicimam, Atelier-Pierrot and whatnot!

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Anna House

I noticed that Anna House's black items almost always have white lace. If I ask will they use black lace instead for me? I was happy with my order before from them, but I have never gotten custom items.

how do you like your bloomers?

hi, egl!

i'm planning on making a series of warm bloomers for the incoming fall/winter. as i'm drafting a pattern, i find myself with a couple questions on general bloomer-fitting preferences. i'd really appreciate if you could take a couple seconds and answer two questions for me... and you're more than welcome to leave comments elaborating (what do you look for in a good pair of bloomers?)

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The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

If anyone's looking for something on DS to play, The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road was released in English a couple of weeks back, featuring a rather loli looking Dorothy.

(She looks much better in game. Also, she has 2 shoes.)

It isn't just a Wizard of Oz RPG, in fact beside the main characters it's just almost completely different. I only just started, but it's really cute and already far more playable than Londonian Gothics.
There doesn't seem to be an English site, but the Japanese one is here.

I figure if people can post about the new Alice movie this is relevant enough? If not I'm sure you'll tell me. 

PMX Fashion Update #2

PMX Fashion Update #2

Tickets for Angelic Pretty's Wonderland Tea Party will go on sale Wednesday, October 14th, at 8:00pm Pacific! In addition to this, we have a few more pieces of news...

1. Ticket Sales
2. Wonderland Tea Party Date
3. PMX Fashion Show Date
4. Gift Policy
5. Wonderland Tea Party Programming
6. Head Table Perk!
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