October 11th, 2009

What brand? Any more simple, red, strawberry prints? Also, stock photo request.

I was looking through a Japanese lolita blog and I saw these two dresses.
They are adorable, but I have no idea what brands they are.
Can you guys help me out?
Stock photos would be great too.

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I'm also wondering if there are more dresses with similar prints. Cute, simple, with strawberries (red strawberries. Not dark pink). I would love to see photos of them.
Much thanks!

EDIT: Thank you guys so much for the help.
One more request, though.
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I was wondering if there was a JSK and/or OP version of this ETC skirt.
Thanks again!

Witch Pheobe

Simply A Topic Worth Discussing. . .

Hello ladies and gents.

Now, I know I may get flamed for posting this here but I'm simply dying of curiosity. Every week I religiously check Lolita Secrets because I find them just hilarious! But lately it seems that I've been looking at things from a different angle. Things aren't coming across as funny anymore. I get the feeling that the people posting secrets there actually ...hate this community because of the drama. o_o

I haven't seen any drama whatsoever so I'm very confused. Then again I've only been in lolita for two years now. For me, this fashion has always been about making yourself feel pretty by purchasing the clothes that you like. Whether it be kodona, EGA, sweet lolita, or ever brolitas rockin' it out in their frills..it just seems like I'm missing something entirely.

Are we, as a community of sophisticated adults, insulted each other? Are we making other lolitas feel bad because maybe they do look like the japanese lolitas? Are we making an impossible standard which is why one can find so much insecurity inside on single sub-culture?

Now these are serious questions. o_o If these things are happening why do we let it continue? This is our fashion and we're all here to have fun and talk about it like crazy!cool cats xD

Has the fun been sucked out of lolita or am I just seeing lies and deceit upon many of the other lolita communities??

Also, while I'm at it, I'd like to touch base on Daily Lolita. >__> There has been some nasty comments on there that I've seen and personally I think if you don't think you have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. (This does not include constructive criticism. With a growing and changing style we're always learning! )

Why must you ruin someone else's day who isn't particularly the ideal weight, the ideal princess, or pretty enough? They obvious wear these clothes for a reason just as you do so we destroy that? I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy someone coming up to you and shattering your dreams and/or day. :\ Please play nice~

Anyway ^ ^ On with the discussion!!
Please, I seriously want to know about this one.
o_o I'm actually a little confused. -breaks out the e-crayons-
xD lol

-Mizz Charmed

^ ^ input is much apperciated!!
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Calling decadentheaven, or anyone that knows her!

Item received today!! Packaged nicely and dress looks exactly like the picture. Thank you all for your help.

On 8/25 I purchased a meta dress from decadentheaven for $100, and I have not received it yet. After sending out a few messages to her, which were unanswered, I opened a paypal dispute on 9/24. She replied on 9/25 saying that the item was sent back to her because she put the wrong address down, and would be mailing it out the next day (9/26). Again, after that email I have not heard from her ( I've sent her 2 emails since 9/26). She did say in an email that she was out of the country, but I've been waiting almost 2 months for the dress. I really don't know what to do anymore. Please, if you know her pass this message along to her. As much as I wanted the dress, I just want my $100 back. I will be opening a PP claim Tomorrow afternoon. Thank You.

In response to buyers.

I know that things have been nerve wracking as of late, and I wish I could offer you some proof that your items have been sent. I cannot respond to your disputes because I have no proof. The receipt that had your packages on it went through the wash and the ink faded out almost completely.

To the int'l buyers. Are you sure it isn't a customs problem?

And as for the US buyers, I'm not sure at all why the packages haven't arrived. 

They have all been sent out. Tomorrow I'm going to the post office to see if they have a backup of proof that the items have been sent.

And as to why I haven't responded to your disputes, is because I do not have the proof that it requires.

I am not going to defend myself, I'm simply going to do what I can to find out why you don't have your packages. Like I said, tomorrow, I'm going to the post office, to see if they can help sort this out.

As suggested below, here is the invoice from Bodyline. The reason there was a refund issued for about $50 was because they missed sending a couple of the items I personally ordered.

Page One
Page Two

EDIT 2: I went to the post office today, but its closed due to Columbus day. I'm going again tomorrow.

EDIT: In case you didn't get the email/message I sent a few minutes ago...

I would like to apologize for my lack of contact. I have had difficulties as you know, but I'm not going to bother trying to defend myself anymore.

I completely understand why you would feel as though you have been scammed, my lack of contact surely didn't help. Putting myself in your shoes, I would feel the same way. I understand why you are angry, frustrated, disappointed, and the whole other slew of emotions you must be feeling.

Right now, I just want to get everything sorted out. Tomorrow, I'm going to the post office, and seeing if they have some sort of proof that I sent the items. I will be reporting what they say on the post I made on the EGL Comm.


This evening I worked out a deal with garnetfaerie. She has agreed that if I don't report as to what the post office said by Wednesday, then I believe she will make contact as to what to do next.

Again, I would like to apologize, and work to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

Vancouver BC Lolita Scrapbook Day

It will be a fun day event scrapbooking and all are very welcome to come. ^_^

Aberdeen Centre, Richmond BC. We will be meeting in the food court across from Beard Papa's.

12:30pm till around 5:00pm
(Your welcome to come and go as you please)

Sunday, October 25th

Scrapbook with tons of fun with others making stuff together.

What to wear:
Whatever you want as long as it's warm and lolita wearable or weather proof, in case the weather should not be friendly.

Things to bring:

A scrapebook.. ^_^  You are also welcome to help me with mine if you'd like.

Supplies like scissors, glue etc. Also I plan to bring 2 of my OLDER Gothic and Lolita Bibles which may be used to cut if people should chose. But please remember to share. And don't forget to bring your own photographs either. Thanks!

If we want we can go to Daiso for extra supplies too! ^_^ 

Hope to see you all there <3
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I don't think this has been posted before...

I came across a seller on Etsy who does custom plugs. I know there have been posts in the past asking about loli with expanded ear piercings, and thought this might be of interest for those of you who want more options with this type of accessory. Since this shop claims to be able to cast any design, you might even be able to get something made to match your favorite prints.