October 10th, 2009

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  • mizaya

Does anyone know the_rose_prince?

Last Sunday, I ordered an Angelic Pretty cutsew from the_rose_prince on the sales comm. Another user also bought something from her sales post. She only has +1 seller feedback, but she is also a NYC lolita so I figured it was mostly safe since I believe she attends meet ups. She said that the items would hopefully be shipped out before Wednesday. On Wednesday, after not hearing anything from her, I commented asking if it has been shipped out yet, and if not, when it would be. I totally don't mind if it took longer to get out, I just wanted to make sure that was it.

I still haven't gotten any kind of reply. I talked to the other buyer and she hasn't heard anything either. I know it's only been a week, but not hearing anything (especially when the item was supposed to be shipped out days ago) is making me a bit paranoid.

Does anyone know her? Can anyone help me get in contact with her, especially if you know her IRL? I'm in her local area as well and will be attending some future meetups if that helps.

If it's just that something is wrong with her computer or she hasn't had the time to ship it yet, I'm totally okay with that! I just... want to make sure nothing else is going on. I'm not claiming she is a scammer or anything, I'm just getting a bit worried and would like to actually get a response to her about the status of my cutsew.

Thanks to anyone who can help!