October 9th, 2009

Lolita skirt help!

I've never posted, long time lurker.

I recent aquired this skirt and i was wondering if it was too high or just not the right fit to be considered "lolita"
I've been trying to make a cord out of it but it just keeps coming up like a 40's hoop skirt in my head.

What do you guys think?

Could I maybe add something to it to make it more loli?

The more i look at it the more sloppy it seems to look :/



Skirt Embellishment

In the spirit of this month's craft theme, I present to you a plain black skirt I bought at Target a few months ago.

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What would you suggest I do to zazz it up a little? I was thinking maybe I could put something like this around the hem, or get a design screenprinted onto it in silver. I can't really put any huge embroidery applique on it, because it's pleated, and I definitely want to stick to black or silver colors. So what do you think?

EDIT: Though I guess I wouldn't be terribly opposed to putting on some light-colored lace on it.
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Baby boots?

Has anybody received shipping notification from Baby for their fur boots?
I had ordered a pair of fur boots for myself and AatP boots for a friend to be shipped to her. I received a notification for hers a couple of days ago, but there hasn't been any news about mine...
So I wonder - have tohers' boots been shipped already?
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Angelic Pretty Berets

While cruising through Y!J auctions I found a girl selling Angelic Pretty Berets from the Melty Chocolate series. In one of the detail photos, the seller showed the inside top of the beret which had the label "Phoenix B__que Beret." I am assuming this is their supplier. (Pictured Below)

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Bodyline? Thoughts?

Yes, I did check the memories. The closest thing I could find were reviews of individual items from 2007, which generated mixed reviews. Since their collection has changed since then and the reviews were so mixed, I'm posting this in hopes that I can get some opinions. Mods, feel free to delete if this isn't allowed!

For the past two or so weeks, I've been ordering some burando off of the sales comm. I had extra money saved up that I forgot about for NYAF, which I couldn't attend last minute. And I hadn't bought any new lolita clothes in months before then, so why not? :D.

Now I love Baby as much as the next lolita, but buying only burando for everything gets expensive. I need a few... "filler pieces", so to say, in my lolita wardrobe that are much more reasonably priced. So... Bodyline. $24 for a shirt and $35 for a JSK seems amazingly cheap, which makes me a bit wary. I know they aren't going to be Angelic Pretty quality and you get what you pay for, but... are they at least wearable in loli wardrobes?

I've always been kind of iffy about Bodyline because of their more campy, cosplay pieces, but some of their stuff actually looks pretty nice. So egl, I'm asking you: what have you ordered from Bodyline? Are you happy with it? Is it wearable in loli outfits or does it make you look ita?

Thank you so much to anyone who can help me out! If you post pictures of things you own from there worn, that would be doubly awesome.

Totally off topic, but I got a lovely commission yesterday and will be writing up a review of the seller for you all soon! :D.

EDIT: I was able to find a few more recent reviews, but please, if you have anything to add/pictures of things you have being worn, do send them.
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cleaning petticoats

This is not really a Lolita petticoat, but I would absolutely die if something happened to it. I figure that Lolitas know petticoats like nobody's business.

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It is definitely cleaning time for this, but I don't know if sending it to the dry cleaners will mess it up. If it is ok to send, are there any special instructions/requests I should give them like not hanging it up? The bow (askew in the picture!) is safety pinned on.

If I need to hand wash it, is there anything I should especially be aware of?
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stock photo/picture request!

hello everyone! I'm looking for stock photos of Meta's Window series. I'm especially looking for the red version, but any color/style would be wonderful! Furthermore, if would be really helpful if anyone posted pictures of them wearing anything from the series! Thanks in advance~

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