October 8th, 2009


Google maps - street view

With the announcement of the street view portion of google maps finally available for my country, I finally had a chance to experience it for myself!

After talking to a friend, we realized that you can also use google maps to look at brand storefronts! It's probably not that exciting to most, but to me it seemed pretty interesting to sort of "experience" a virtual tour of the streets where brand stores are located, since a lot of us don't live near a brand store.

Some examples:

BABY, the stars shine bright: Paris store
Innocent World: Umeda store
MILK: Tokyo store (if I'm not mistaken, it looks like the one where they filmed part of that ANTM season when they went to Japan)

Two questions: Custom LJ & Myspace Layouts? And AatP magazine pictures?

 Hello there ladies,

I've looked through the memories and if I indeed found old posts made about layouts, the few of them did not answer my questions. 
First, do you have CSS (I mean, really custom, not those layout makers internet thingys) designers you would recommend me? And how expensive can it be to have a personnal LJ or Myspace layout made, approximately? I have a card with Lolita motifs I would like to use as a base.

Secundo, I'd like to know where there are pictures from AatP out from the GLBs, Alice Deco and Kera Maniax, if there is? I'm trying to collect all the scans of AatP ever made, so it would be useful to me.

Thank you!
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Fan Plus Friend Camo Skirt

 Hi everyone, I have a question! I wanted to know if any of you have bought this skirt: http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-30/Dolly-Gothic-Lolita-cln--Plump/Detail and, if so, how does it look without a petticoat underneath?

I ask because I was wanting to get it for my sister for Christmas but can't really afford it AND a petticoat unless I can get one for around 30 dollars or less, including shipping.

Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks
hazel lolita

Larger size mint shoes?

Sorry to spam the comm, but does anyone know of a shop or seller that makes mint lolita shoes in large sizes? My feet are too big for secret shop or brand LL shoes (they're 26.5cm and LL usually goes up to 25.5 or 26cm max) and though I've come across a few sellers that make larger shoes so far none of them seem to make mint shoes. I've recently bought a bunch of mint clothing because I love the colour and it's frustrating not being able to find shoes to match! If anyone knows of a shop I've been missing I'd really appreciate it! Thanks! : )
Cosplay Super Woman

Thanks From Milanoo.com

Dear Sweet_sukie89, Needlesoup, zombieplaything,

This is Melinda from Milanoo.com, I am here on behalf the entire Milanoo team to express our appreciation to you guys for bringing milanoo here on livejournal. And sorry Sweet_sukie89, for shipping your blouse in the wrong size, second sorry goes to Needlesoup, for the ill-shaped blouse and the green lines. Last, I would like to present you ladies a great news, espcially good for Needlesoup since you mentioned only go for free shipping—there is an unconditional sitewide free shipping promotion campaign going on, it will end on Oct 1st (Shamelessly make an ad here).

 I am not spying on you guys LoL, all staff in milanoo team who knows some English have gone through your posts more than one time. Purchaser from the PM department read your posts to gain some idea on what kind of sweet lolita dress to source on. The Logistic team also read, since they want to make sure your packages arrived promptly and integrally.

 Our customer service representatives should be most loyal fans to your posts, your positive comments are the source engine which drives them move on, while you negative comments point out their mistakes and help them improve. I am here guarantee you, milaoo gonna have a elite CSR team in short, since we hired several former Newegg CSRs and fully understood how Newegg handle their customers. “Always go futher step to serve your customer” Newegg can do it, Milanoo can do it too.

 Many people commebted on your post mentioned the stolen picture issue, someone even noticed we made some change on the picture background. Actually, all the pictures are from the suppliers, we don’t know where they got those pictures, so we made some change on them to avoid the copyright issue. We know the best way to obtain product pictures is too shoot on actual products, however, we are short of hands right now. We have planned such photographing division under the PM department, but we still can not make it happen shortly.

 The entire milanoo team is huge family full of passionate, diligent, dedicated and customer-oriented members, with such team we surely can make milanoo more and more professional eccommerce company in the near future, thus to serve our worldwide customers better.

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Stock request ;.;

-gets rady to get shot-

So I was wondering if anyone had stock pics for Novala Takemoto's Lolita's Not Dead line. I know there was a cutsew, but I really don't know what else came in this line for it. Also, I was wondering what the aproximate price range for this is.

Thanks in advance an sorry for the bother!!!!♥
(I did use the search engine)
  • ammorin

Blouse Question

Question solved :D Thank you!

Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here and a Lolita starting out :D I have a question about blouse styles especially the sleeves.

I've mostly seen sleeves either long or short but I haven't seem them just half way (up to the elbow). Will it look weird if I wear a half sleeve blouse with a jumper skirt?
Marie Blue Red

Ugh, PayPal

A month or so ago, I had posted about having an issue with PayPal (I had accidentally selected my bank account as my funding source instead of my credit card, and PayPal kept trying to transfer the non-existent money from my account rather than just immediately rolling over to my back-up funding source, aka the credit card. Phew!)

I wound up calling them and got it straightened it (though, not without TWO over-draft fees from my bank - thanks PayPal!) but now I'm running into a new problem and am wondering if anyone has advice (again.)

This week, I received an invoice from Qcute and paid using my bank account, no problem. However, yesterday I attempted to send a payment to someone on the sales comm and Paypal would only let me pay with my CC (it simply said that my instant transfer was "not available as a funding source.") I even asked the other person to send me an invoice and still, it would only let me use my credit card.

Anyone had this problem before and if so, can you offer some insight? Should I just call PayPal and ask what the heck is up? Or have I somehow gotten myself on a PayPal "Black List"?

I don't know about you girls, but seriously, PayPal is becoming more and more of a pain in the butt. :/