October 7th, 2009

San Antonio October meetup!

WHERE: San Antonio Zoo

WHEN: Oct. 24th at 1 pm

WHAT: The plan is to meet at the zoo first. most people wanted to do a craft exchange. so everyone who comes please bring something, it could be a snack if you are food inclined or something artsy if you know how to make things. i will cut off  who can rsvp by the saturday before the meet so everyone has a clear number of how much to make. So after the zoo we will decide where to eat and exchange crafts.

please comment if your going to come and if you will be bringing guests.

thank you. :) hope to see you. :)
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Yet another post about this...

Just wanted to let you all know that the commissions list is updated as of now and can be found here! If you'd like to add your name to it, see the above post.

Also, the loligoth dbs is down tonight and I couldn't check feedback of the sellers listed. If you have been scammed by anyone on the list, please let me know. I plan to keep the list only for honest and reputable sellers as best as I can!
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Black Bodyline Cake Dress


I am interested in buying a black cake dress I saw on bodyline, but I was just wondering if anyone else has bought this dress before.
I want to know how the sizing is, as bodyline often is a little off with their measurments. And if the under bustle (white under skirt) comes with the dress, as an attached part or is seperate.
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I've made a search but couldn't find a recent entry about this topic, so sorry if it had already been asked.
I would like to know if Akibado is down or something, I can't seem to get a reply from them for 6 months now, and I'm still waiting for them to ship my items... I have the bad impression my money's lost and hope that they are just too busy.
I can't even file a Paypal dispute, I paid too long ago and the option is not available anymore.

Any information?

Thank you in advance!

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Autumn Wood

So, I was in a our wood with my... Eeer, photographer :D ...so we taked some rly pretty pictures n_n
Mostly I dont like my own photo but... I live theeses! I dont no why, but I look... beautiful.. here :D
Its so weird. Well, I share this photos to you :) Wish you like it.

PS: No photos have been edited! I swear! It was magic light n_n

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Milanoo dresses?

Hello, new girl here C: Not exactly a lolita, but I am interested in the fashion, and I love the more toned down dresses (I would love to buy some of the more casual stuff), as well as Wa Lolita. I got my first waloli dress in the mail today from Bodyline, and I do think it is very pretty~ Hopefully I can get some pictures eventually ;)

Anyway, I was doing a simple google search for lolita dresses, and came across the site "Milanoo.com", and the things there actually look really pretty! But looking through the previous posts on here, no one seems to mention the site, favoring the actual designer japanese things. So, I thought I'd ask for an opinion here, hahaha! Has anyone had any bad experiences with Milanoo? I really want to buy www.milanoo.com/Chocolate-Long-Sleeves-Ruffles-Lolita-Dress-p12764.html ( sorry, no idea how to do the fancy cut thing xD; ) for the winter season C: I think it would be a classy thing to wear to parties and such <3

Thanks for listening to the fresh meat!