October 6th, 2009

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Sizing question

I'm about to order some items to complete my first ever lolita outfit (I'm a late bloomer at 26 :p), but since I have really bad experiences with ordering stuff online in custom size I want to make sure I get the sizing right this time.

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I swear, I searched before posting

I'm in the middle of ordering one of the Vampire JSKs from BABY. I got an email invoice today for shipping, but all the info was in an Excel spreadsheet, and there's no mention of an email for Paypal. Should I send my money to the email that sent me the invoice?

Answered, thanks!
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Commission list?

I've noticed that the list of where to commission on lj hasn't been updated since October 31, 2008. That's almost a year ago and a lot of the links I've clicked there are either for people who don't take commissions anymore or are inactive on LJ nowadays.

How would you guys feel if I complied a new, fully updated list of places to commission? I'd have commissioners fill out a form with their LJ name/sales journal, where they are located, and possibly a few pictures of their work that I can link. Also, by suggestion, what type of commissions they take and... anything else you guys want to know!

For someone like me who enjoys having one of a kind commissioned items, knowing active commissioners is very helpful. And for people who take commissions, it's a good way of increasing your sales and business.

What do you all think? If this generates enough interest, I'll do it asap.

I've finally stopped lurking in this community and actually posting! LE GASP. It's only taken me about... two years, orz.

Quick question about HMHM

I ordered a dress with Mashimaro girl and they said that I should allow up to 30 days for my HMHM dress to be made. I wanted to know how long they take on average. I ordered from Kids Yoyo before and they said it'll take about 30 days too but they were done way before that.
For those who've ordered from HMHM, how long did it take for your order?

Thank you! My question has been answered <3 Hope you all gets your items soon too~
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Since a lot of you were interested in this, I decided to go ahead with it!

If you want to be added to the list, please fill out this form right here! I will add you to the list as soon as I possibly can. :].

If you are a commissioner, here is a list of all the wonderful seamstresses of this community willing to make things for you!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on the list and I find out that you've been scamming people out of money, I will remove you. Lolis, if you see a scammer on this list, please notify me by PM showing proof. This might sound unfair, but as a lolita myself, I know how expensive it is to keep up this hobby. I've been scammed before and would not want it to happen to any other lolita. I aim to make sure the sellers on the list are honest and respectable. If you have any problem with one of them, PLEASE let me know asap.

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EDIT: Comments will now be screened!

What Do You Do?

I searched, but only found a post concerning Lolita appropriate jobs.  Still, if this is a repost, I apologize.

I am a housewife and a model.  I get to wear Lolita any time when I'm at home (obviously), and I model Lolita quite a lot.   I'm also looking for a stable part-time job so that I can make more money as hobbyist modeling doesn't pay very well.  My dream job is either to be an opera singer or a museum curator.  A college a few hours from where I live is holding my music scholarship for four years, so I may do that after all.  ^_^  I also hope to be a published author one day, although I've yet to finish any substantial work.

I'm always curious about where other Lolitas work and what they do.  So what is your job?  If you are in school, what are you working toward?  How does/will it affect you as a Lolita?  And finally, what is your dream job?

Lolita Dreams?

After having a big discussion about dreams with one of my friends, I was wondering if any of you have had dreams with lolita in them? Maybe just wearing lolita or about a brand or anything. I remember a post a long time ago when someone metioned they had a dream about Baby making a *Nsync skirt XD.

I've had a dream where I was wearing one of my Baby dresses in a white boat on the lake at the palace of Versailles. One of my friends started trying to tip the boat and I just sat there crying about how the print might run if it gets wet , it was really random XD. I also regularly have lucid dreams, sometimes where I'm walking in the woods or fields in lolita. I know I'm dreaming but I'm so at peace I don't want to wake up ^_^. 

So tell me, have you had any lolita dreams? :D
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Baby has left me in despair!

I just received my Vampire Requiem corset skirt and when I was pulling the zipper  IT BROKE HALFWAY.


I'm really depressed since it was brand new and DIDN'T HAD THE CHANCE OF PUTTING IT ON. 

Is there a way to repair said zipper or should I just go ahead and get it replaced?

Thanks to all the answers, I will get it replaced. I hope this helps as a warning to the girls who received the skirt version and get the zipper they come with replaced.
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Long Overdue NYAF pictures

I finally finished sorting and tagging and all that jazz. These are official pictures from NYAF, so I'd thought I'd share some of the familiar faces I saw. There are alot more pictures, but considering there are 500+ from the whole event so check out my flickr at the end of the cut.

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