October 5th, 2009

Vampire requiem ?

Hey  lolitas,

this question  will  probably  come  out  really  stupid,  so  my  apologies....
But  I  have  been  wondering -  I have  desperately  fallen  in  loven  with  Baby  Vampire  requiem  print,  but when  I  went  to  their  website  to buy it  ,  I  did not  see it there...  What  is  going  on?  Has it  been  sold out for  something? 

Thank  you  very much  for  all  your  info,  I  am  kinda puzzled right  now! 

  • bunnyko

bodyline review

So i participated in a bodyline group order since the shipping was so low. i bought something that i normally wouldn;t, since i wear goth, punk and classic loli. but, this has a sailor collar on the jacket, and i am so magnetically attracted to those...

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Lolita Chat

I am currently working on a chat room for loli's.  Hopefully it becomes very useful for this community. 
Would you be interested chatting with a lolita (either a designer, model, expert, egl member)?  If you do, who would it be?
  • miscy

Two things....

So first... my friend is the awesomest person in the world cos she took her driver's license pic in full on sweet loli.

2nd.... have any of you seen the new twilight dress at hottopic? Let me preface by saying I HATE TWILIGHT! and i am SO angry at how good this dress looks on me >:( pics below the cut

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xeniph pic

Quick Wig Styling Question

All right, I've searched for this, but I'm not finding the answer to this question. That probably means it's a simple answer, but whatever. XD

I'm using this tutorial to put ringlets into a wig. So far, it's worked pretty well, except for a few things (or one thing, really). In the tutorial, they say to put paper between the wig fibers and your curling iron (my iron is set at v v v low heat, don't worry), then they seem to curl it up, and pin the paper and curl to let it cool. My problem is, 1) I can't seem to hold the paper on the wig fiber, I keep worrying about it slipping, and 2) (this one is a little hard to describe, plz bear with me) You know how curling irons have the round barrel and then the long clip that usually holds the hair to the barrel? Well, I may be doing it wrong, but I usually clip the end of the hair under that clip to hold the hair and then wind the rest of the hair around the barrel, which means it ends up on top of the clip. So...either I have to unwind the whole thing to get the end out from under the clip, then wind it up real fast and pin it, or I end up turning the curling iron off and waiting for it to cool completely before moving on to the next curl. Neither method is exactly stellar. But I don't know any other way to curl! If I try just wrapping it around the barrel without clipping it first, it just falls off!

Any hints on how to do this? I'm sorry if I've used the wrong terms or anything, and I am aware that cyperous sells curled wigs, but I couldn't quite find one I liked and thought I could do this. XS

Thanks in advance for any help y'all can give!

Oh PS: I've also tried the curlers-and-hairdryer method, but this didn't work on this wig at all. The fibers just straightened right back out. XP