October 4th, 2009

Bill Cunningham Loves You

Alright ladies and gents our favorite fashion assassin on a bicycle has struck again and this time he was at NYAF. He took pics of the cosplayers with his usual charm and gusto but was especially taken with the lolitas. Sure sure he mixed in some itas with some other lolis from egl, and sure he made no distiction between cosplayers and lolitas but his enthusiasm and cuteness makes up for it all.
Watch the video and I dare you not to smile at his joi de vivre.

themistresslyra seller alert.

On the 28th of August I started a trade with themistresslyra where I parted with a BtSSB JSK and $140 on top for an Angelic Pretty dress here.

I sent my half of the trade out the next day with tracking to the USA. After that, her fast replies came to a halt.
She finally replied on the 8th of September, claiming she had "already mailed it out. I should have gotten it by now" after I sent her numerous PMs asking about the status of my parcel.
I've sent her more PMs demanding for a tracking number or proof of postage but I still have not received my dress yet, and she has been ignoring all of my contact since.

As far as I know, I'm not the only one having issues with her sales too.
I would like to make a compilation in this post with all the people waiting for their items from her.

Please let me know if you are in the same situation.

If anyone knows her in real life and can help us, please contact us asap.


05/09/09: Opened paypal dispute

List of affected users:

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So the zombie walk in Syracuse is coming up and I was curious to know if anyone from here was planning on going. I'm planning on going out in lolita, it would be nifty to see other loltias as well

Could it be? Awful?!

So, I have always ALWAYS had awful taste in clothing, I know nothing of it, no matter how hard I try -pouts- Anyways :) I'm going to be Alice (from Wonderland) for Halloween, but all the costumes are WAY too short. So.... I want your opinion on a dress.
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Your LBLD - little black lolita dress

I've realised, after filling my closet with prints in every colour of the rainbow over the last couple of years that a plain (non-print) black lolita dress would be quite useful to own for the sake of versatility, and perhaps more formal occasions where I could just throw on a pair of black pumps with it and be good to go.

So  share with us your favourite 'Little black lolita dress', where it's from and why you love it!

Note: Photos would be fantastic ;)
My little pony

Sweet Mid-September Photoshoot :3


These pictures were taken at a local botanical garden a few weeks ago. :3 It's the first time my friend Chrissy (blonde) and I (purple) have posted pictures. :) I'm wearing mostly BTSSB and Chrissy's wearing mostly Bodyline. We met alot of people at the garden, for some reason it was really crowded, and they all commented on our outfits. It was pretty funny, the lady at the admissions took our pictures. xD

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Stocking shock ??? Why aren't you replying to my emails? I promise to give cookies if its good >,

I order a coat from Stocking shock, 2 fridays ago. I ordered a replica of this coat from Meta:    


In her email replies she stated that she would reply with photo's and an update 2 weeks in. Well I emailed her  this friday and there has been no reply. I am worried as I don't want my mother to be taken for her money as I'm borrowing her debit card.

Has anyone had a similar problem from her before?

And I've read a few reviews about her on EGL and other such places but most of them just state she has made a few late replies ect. Also any advice as to what to do, I think I will wait another week, and if she doesn't reply I will send an email saying she has 2 days to reply to me or I will take higher consiquences.

So if any one has an past experiences with her, I would greatly appreciate your help. Thankyou!


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Cleaning Bunnybear

I think this may have been touched on before, but I couldnt find anything via the search...

Does anyone have tips for cleaning a bunnybear bag? Mine is looking a bit dingy in places and I want to try surface-washing, but Im very scared of messing up his fur. Any advice or experiences to share?
sweet loli

Lolita on Reality TV

A lot of you have probably heard about the lolita that was on What Not to Wear a while back. Even though she didn't get lolita quite right herself, the people on the show definitely got the wrong idea of what it was.

Whenever I watch a tv show or a movie, I think, "Wouldn't this be great with a lolita in it?" or something like that. Right now I'm watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and they always pick out a theme for the kids' bedrooms by looking at the things in their room and trying to figure out what it is they're interested in. So I thought...what if they went through a lolita's closet and decided to do a lolita themed room? I can see how they'd get the wrong impression as well :x

I know if it was my room they were redoing, I'd be like "Be sure to look at these!!" and shove all my G&L Bibles at them, along with a print-out of important lolita guidelines... XD

So, what other reality tv shows do you think would be interesting to see a lolita in, and how badly do you think they would screw it up? hahaha XD
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Dress design template for Photoshop 7.0

Hello all you crafty lolitas!

I was surfing the internet, looking at fabrics, and I was annoyed by the fact that I didn't have a dress template to try the various fabrics on, y'know, to see how it'd work for a lolita dress.
So, I made one 8D A template that is. It's made in Photoshop 7.0, and you're free to download it if this is something you could use.
There's two basic silhouettes; babydoll, and classic bell shape. So far you can only make a JSK or a skirt. You can also choose between 3 types of shoulder straps, and then, of course, there's all the details, like bows and frills.

Download it by going to devian art

When downloaded, the default layers (switched on) is a simple JSK with wide, poofy straps, in all black. But the idea is to choose various solid colors, or use the layer effect: Pattern overlay (in your layers menu)

I hope this can be of some use to you :3
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