October 3rd, 2009

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Photo/info request: Iron Gate ring?

I found a very tiny picture of Moitié's Iron Gate ring earlier, and I've been looking everywhere for a better picture. So far, I've only found pictures that are even smaller. I've never seen it before and I'm very interested in it, but I can't tell anything from these photos.
Does anyone have any larger, better pictures of it? Does anyone own it and could take a picture of it worn, or at least tell me a little about how it looks worn?
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Winter lolita photos

Hello there, my fellow lovelies.
I've been through the EGL search, and haven't seen anything just like this.

Winter is sneaking up on us. Some might already have felt chilly winds playing with their hair and pulling in their pretty skirts, and so it is time to get out the winter coats and jackets.

So this is you chance to share your pretty coat with everyone.
Show a picture and tell us where you got it. Is it the best coat you ever had, or was it a dissapointment?
Be it brand or off-brand, post a photo ^_^

If you have specific winter accessories, like gloves and warm hats, feel free to share your own photos of those too.
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Angelic Pretty on King's Brunch

I just caught a small segment about Angelic Pretty on King's Brunch on TBS in Japan. My Japanese isn't that great so I was only able to understand a few words here and there. They went to the AP office and interviewed Maki and Asuka. In the background you could see some of the new Milky-chan items that aren't released yet (like the scarf~ it's so cute!). They also showed some pictures of non-Japanese lolitas that were in a photo album they had.. maybe some girls who are in the community were shown? Anyways, I was wondering if maybe anyone else caught it and recorded it?
Here is information about the show that aired today: http://www.tbs.co.jp/brunch/trend/index-j.html

Do you think this is cute?

http://www.milanoo.com/Pink-Lace-Ruffles-Lolita-Dress-p13352.html  Ok so I was looking for lolita dresses and stumbled across this one. I just want to know if anyone think that this is a cute dress because my mom thought that it was not
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my HP JSK photos

EDIT:... I'm not a cross dresser I made the dress but Verilens is the one posing in it.

I needed a shot of a wand and a hat for the site. so of course, I had to make a a new dress for the shot.
and as long as we were shooting any way . We went ahead and took some just for fun shots.

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Dances of Vice NYC: The Importance of Being Wilde, 10/17/09

Hello Lolitas! It was so nice seeing some of you at the NY Anime Festival last weekend, and at the last circus themed Dances of Vice the week before. I wanted to tell you about two Dances of Vice event coming up this you might be interested in. On October 17th, we're having a tribute party to Oscar Wilde in a glam rock meets Victorian style - sparkles meets ruffles! The movie Velvet Goldmine was a big inspiration for this theme, and I think loli+glam makes an amazing combo.

Dances of Vice is also having an Edward Gorey themed murder mystery Halloween Party in Brooklyn on Halloween night, which I think would appeal to the more gothic inclined Lolis. The event will featuring dance, fashion shows, live bands, including a full 24-piece orchestra! Hope you'll join us! Both events will be held at 303 Bond Street in Brooklyn, and as always, pictures and program info can be found at www.dancesofvice.com.


Issue with Celga

Yes, another Celga issue... (sigh)

My problem is that when I received my parcel from Celga, one of the dresses I won on auction was missing... The dress was not even included in the shipping invoice even though it was in their warehouse. I'm trying to think positive and to convince myself that they just forgot it in their warehouse as there were a lot of items (12 including the dress). Yet I'm still nervous because I heard horrible stories about Celga losing items or sending them to another person.

Has it ever happened to you ? Have they ever forgotten one of your item in your parcel  ? If so, did you receive it in the next parcel ?
I'm really worried about it being lost or sent to someone else... If so, is there any way to get a refund from them ?
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This is a strange request...

Ok so a couple of weeks ago I got my first order from Angelic Pretty and I was like "ZOMG there is a sticker".

So I would like to know, what other brands send stickers with your order? Only I want to get them and stick them in my Loli Handbook. (along with the tags off my clothes as I'm weird like that)

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Sending payment to Crescent Shop

I'm sorry to have to ask this here but I don't know where else to ^^'.

I won a dress on Y!J and it says I've won it but I can't work out how to pay. There is a pay column but nothing in it and when I click the item there is nothing there either. I've read somewhere that they have to manually activate the pay button yet I won the item on the 28th and I know there is a penalty if left unpaid longer than a week so I'm a bit worried ^^'.

Thanks for reading and any advice would be greatly appreciated :D <3

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ღ misc → memento mori

hay gaiz.

Hmmm, I was just wondering if you had advertisements or stock photos of the old Snow White series? Not the Blooming Snow White one but the previous and first Snow White print line by Baby. I just got the skirt in red and I want to see the OP and JSK, and the ways it's been coordinated, even if I already have a coordi on mind. Do you guys know if a headbow or socks or cutsew had been released in this same line?

Thank you!


(random thought: holy shit, y!a is cheap today. I'm gonna let someone get the Snow White skirt in black by just 3,700 (!!??!?!!!) yen this time because I already got the red version by just a tiny bit less cheap than that. I found two dream prints by less than 6000 yen today, what the fuck?)

And a question to the general public: what has been your latest adquisitions? I got my SW skirt, a totebag, probably a cutsew and I'm going to get this dress from the very wonderful bagt :
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