October 2nd, 2009

I <3 TLV

Moon Cat

I am in love with Metamorphose's Moon Cat series! ♥ Did Meta release anything else Moon Cat besides the three skirts that are up now? On the product page it says there's also a Moon Cat hoodie, but they're not on the site yet. Does anyone know if there's a Moon Cat JSK or OP coming out?

Suppurate system question!

Hello ladies! 
Quick question... I bought, second hand, a suppurate system rose chain choker Collapse ) and the quality is SOOOOOO horrible, I'm wondering if it's a fake O_O.  Does anyone own this piece as well? I would like to know, is the rose a cheap dollar store rose, hot glued on and spray painted black? Because mine is...  and the the leather is also painted black, maybe I'm just not getting the " deconstructed look" XD but from the picture I thought the rose was mettallic (which would justify it's price... ) so I thought I'd ask!
Thank you for your help! 



EDIT: I'm not asking for better sites to buy lenses from, because I know about a ton of those (I own 5+ pairs of circle lenses from different places XD), but I'm asking if anyone has experience with their service? I have already bought lenses from them a few months ago and never heard from them since, and this worries me.

Hi! I've asked this question at kogal_panel too, but noone was familiar with this site and the memories didn't bring much up.

I'm just wondering if anyone had experience with this site? http://koreacontactlens.com/
The site is down for maintenance right now, but it should be recognizeable.

Thank you!

bubble bath usagi

Apatico review

As well as selling clothes from her brand, Apatico, Megan Bishop also does commissions for items, even if you only have a vague idea of what they should look like in your own mind. I commissioned a bonnet, requesting that it be made with flowers, feathers, and pearls and have the main color scheme of cream and pink.

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October Craft Theme: Lolita Scrapbook

I have a habit of wanting to keep pretty things that have sentimental value, no matter how useless it is. So when I got home from Japan with a boatload of stickers, photos, origami paper, purikura, and ads from brand stores and visual kei bands, I couldn't think of throwing them away. Instead I dug right into my inner soccer mom and started scrapbooking. No pre-cut stuff here, just my old junk.

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Kansas City, Missouri, October Meetup!

Just in case there are some people hanging around the KCMO area that aren't on the other comms, here's the info for the upcoming meetup!

Date: October 10, 2009

Location: Toy & Miniature Museum of Kansas City

Followed by ice Cream at the Russell Stover store (could also go get real food instead)

Time: Noon - ???

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I'm sure this has been done before already, but I couldn't find it in the memories, and even so, I'd like to have a more updated version since new members join egl every day. If you could fill this out, that would be lovely. :].

Poll #1465594 Lolita

How old are you?

16 and under
30 and over

Do you make your own lolita clothing?

No, but I commission

What do you tend to have the most of?


Which subtypes(s) of lolita do you wear the most often?

Gothic lolita
Sweet lolita
Classic lolita
Punk lolita
Wa lolita
Deco lolita
Guro lolita
Kuro lolita
Shiro lolita
Casual lolita
Hime lolita
Country lolita
Other (please specify in comments)

How frequently do you dress in lolita fashion?

Every day
Almost every day
At least once a week
A few times per month
Only on special occasions
Never, but I'm interested

What is your favourite lolita brand?

Where do you live?

Do you attend local lolita meets? How often?

Yes, always
Yes, sometimes
Yes, on occasionally
No, never

Do you think you'll ever "outgrow" lolita?

Yeah, I can't see myself wearing it when I'm older.
Maybe, if I start to like a different style in the future.
I'm already outgrowing it.
I highly doubt I'll ever outgrow it/I never will outgrow it.
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has anyone ordered boots from Milanoo before?

I just saw the boots i want on Milanoo, beautiful basics with hearts:
th boots

 Unfortunately, noneof the reviews that EGL has for Milanoo include boots, and i'd liketo be sure of the quality before i invest hours in convincig my parents that it's a good idea to order shoes from a site that also sells "i'm going over to my boyfriend's house" costumes..
Does anyone have any experience with shoes/boots from Milanoo?
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EGL on Twitter

I noticed when I searched for this we don't really have a lolita following on twitter. So if it's okay with all of you, I propose we start #eglcomm as a trending topic.

That way we can have a place to talk about lolita on twitter. I think it would be a good way to meet other people too. If you can't think about what you want to post, just introduce yourself and what you like, where you're from if you're comfortable with that. =)

Those of you who aren't on Twitter and want to know about it, follow the cut~

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Bake the Puffs
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Cute boots! - Ellie By Leg Avenue

If these have been posted already, I'll delete this. ^^;

Lookit these cute boots! They're "Ellie By Leg Avenue" brand :3

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I think they'd work well for the more feminine lolita who still want cute shoes *3*

(Also for you Dallas area lolita; those are in stock at the main store)
phoenix wright

Picture help

Hi, I was wondering if anybody had a picture of a particular AATP cutsew--I thought I'd saved it but I can't find it anywhere. :( It was from last year, and it was a zip-up hoodie with short sleeves and then long striped sleeves underneath and it had a print on the back that was like an oval with a castle in it. I'd really appreciate the help!
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Gothic Vampire Photoshoot: aka Erin and Kara Scare Small Children

Last week sweetsailormars  and I did a photoshoot at the Hartwood Acres Mansion, which is pretty much our favorite photoshoot location due to the fact that it's awesome, really pretty, secluded, and generally NOT full of people.

Except, of course, for the day we decided to go shoot there.

There were no less than three families there having their portraits taken, and two of the families had young children (i'm guessing 3-5 years old). I should mention that this was a vampire-themed photoshoot, so sweetsailormars and I were not only decked out in complete gothic style, but also wearing rather realistic vampire fangs. XD At one point, one of the mothers pointed to us and said to her daughters, "Oh, look at the princesses! I told you there were princesses in the castle!" Which made me smile....which was probably a bad idea.

The people took their children away shortly thereafter. One of them snapped a picture of us out of the window of her car as they were leaving. They could have just asked. >.>;; That was probably the most interesting public interaction I've ever had while wearing lolita XD.

My dress was a one-day sewing job made specifically for this photoshoot. I used only materials I already had in my stash. It came out mostly as I had envisioned it, with a few minor hiccups due to the fact that I had recently cleaned and couldn't find a lot of my stuff. I made about 2/3 of the dress without a tape measure. XD Here is the project post on sew_loli .

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