October 1st, 2009

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Another coordinate question...

So, I've fallen in love with this new Candy Violet bonnet www.vivcore.com/mm5/merchant.mvc  The only thing is, I don't have the dress set that's meant to go with it, and it I bought both, I would probably have to live on ramen and stale cereal for a month.

I'm trying to think of what I've got now that would go with it, and I've got this faux-jsk/dress set/thing that I made, and I can kind of see them going together.  But, I'm really bad at picutring how things go together in my head, so I'm looking for a second opinion.

Here it is

Part of me is thinking of just caving in and buying it, then worrying about making or aqcuiring something to go with it.  I don't know though, I'm trying to not be an impulse shopper!

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GO question

*NOTE: I have used the search and memories, I can't seem to find a post on this. If anyone can point me towards one, that would be great*

A couple of questions about group orders:

1) What is the benefit of a GO? If you have to pay shipping twice, then a group order fee, and the price of your item...what's the benefit of participating in a GO? I mean, I guess I could see a benefit if you have a PO box or something, since a lot of international services can't ship to those, but other than that I can't see one.

2) Does anyone know of a post about how to host a GO for the first time? Or have some hints?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Sweet gingham red hood set (sewing post)

I've always wanted to sew a Red Riding Hood themed set, and with Halloween coming up I decided it was the perfect time to use up the red cotton I had in my fabric stash. It wasn't enough to do both a hooded capelet and a full skirt with, so after some thought I wandered out to my local Spotlight store and found some red and white gingham to use for the skirt base and the capelet lining. Normally I hate gingham, and this stuff was awful to look at while it was still in large unsewn pieces (the pattern made my eyes go wonky) but it's a nice thick, slightly dobby weave rather than the thin poplin gingham that comes in at all of $3 a metre, and now that it's complete I really do think it's rather adorable. Gingham seems to suit Red Hood so perfectly, since she's such a cute country lass with her basket of delicious things.


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Milanoo Sale and 50% off shipping

Hi Ladies~

I'm not sure if anyone browsed milanoo.com lately, but they are having massive sales on lolita apparel (as well as halloween costumes, cosplay costumes, wigs, accessories etc). It seems like virtually everything is marked down in price and shipping is half off.

Here's the link:

I saw there was at least 1 review on the EGL LJ and it didn't seem too bad. I haven't bought any clothing from here yet, but I hope it's decent. (though I just bought cosplay wigs and should be arriving soon ^^). Lolita fashion is quite expensive to keep up with, so I was excited when I saw the prices XD;;;.

Happy browsing/shopping!
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Rebuilding your lolita wardrobe?

Hello, lolitas! Long time lurker, first time poster here~

I've been into lolita for about two/three years. When I first got into it, I decided to go for a more gothic lolita style and built up my wardrobe through commissions and comm sales ever since.

For the past year or so, I've really been into a more... sweet lolita style, as gothic lolita doesn't match my style as well as it used to. I still love gothic lolita and plan on wearing it every so often (so selling is out, sadly, especially since a lot of it was gifts), I just don't want to wear it all the time. I'd much rather have a sweet lolita style with occasional bouts of gothloli.

My question is: has something like this ever happened to any of you? How did you go about rebuilding your wardrobe in your new favourite style? I searched the memories and only found things about how to start collecting lolita and buying lolita on a budget, which is helpful, but I thought maybe a few of you could share your experience with style changes and perhaps give advice?

Please keep in mind that I'm a fashion student and usually spend about $3000 per semester on supplies. Sometimes even more. So I don't exactly have the money to go on an Angelic Pretty/BtssB shopping spree.

I live in NYC and would really love to go to some of the meets, but am always too anxious to go because I don't have enough sweet lolita outfits and my only experience with a lolita meetup was horrible. D:. If I could collect a few things by summer and make it to some of the meets, that would be ideal, so advice please? :D?
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New Themes and Banner for October!

Oh October <3 This is my favorite month! Today we're changing out the layout and community themes!

The General Theme for October is Crafts!
Time for the crafty-types to show off their stuff! Let's see what you're making as the season begins to change. Share with us your stash, your workspace, your collection of past handmade goodies, or perhaps a tutorial~ Let's inspire each other to create this month!

The Aesthetic Theme for October is Fantasy!
Thought we'd go with guro or something obvious for Halloween? Open to your own personal interpretation, we've chosen fantasy instead! Think over-the-top, fantastical and whimsical outfits, rich in lush colors or pale glittering pastels... Show us your fantasy-inspired outfits, artwork, craftwork, stories, etc!

I hope you all enjoy these themes, I know I am looking forward to seeing some posts from everyone!

It's also time to give egl a new look... This month's winner for the banner art contest is hj2270! Congratulations!
You can see a larger version of her artwork here on DeviantART~ Take a moment to check out her cute website, too, The Moonlight Carnival!

Thank you to everyone who entered, all the entries were fantastic!
If you are interested in entering for next month, check this post for more info!
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Sighting of Cheaper Parasols(best for UKlolitas)

I've seen these parasol umbrellas around including a few friends who own them

Basically, I went into TKMaxx hunting for usual pieces of gems, when I realised I neededa new umbrella after murdering my last one. I pop over to the umbrella stand and there I find a heck load of these types of parasols in 4 colours and some other polka dot ones. I've searched it up and found a store went out of business therefore TKMaxx has their hands on them, thought I'd like to let any Manchester lolitas know but if anyone would like a shopping service for them for tomorrow ONLY please do PM me! There's a limit though, there were like 3 or 4 black ones, a couple ivory or white ones, 1 pink and 1 red if I recall.

they also stocked these types
which I nabbed.

Cute Shoe Finds

Bodyline Shoe Sizing

I want to buy these shoes from bodyline;

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But I'm unsure of the sizing. I usually wear a 6.5-7 but my feet measured around 23 cm which according to their charts would be more suited for a 6-6.5. Does anyone have these shoes or can tell me whether or not their Japanese sizing is more accurate than their US conversions.

Thanks much!