September 30th, 2009

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As part of the writing of an article on lolita mothers for the fanzine L'Empire des Dentelles, I am interested in the story of young women who have experienced the joy of motherhood. If you have, do not hesitate to participate and answer the following quizz – you can also add pictures of you, alone or with your family, if you wish!

1. Were you already a lolita when you became a mother? If so, for how long?

2. What do your husband and relatives think of it?

3. Which lolita style did you adopt during your pregnancy and which brands suited you best during this time?

4. Did you wear lolita clothing immediately after the birth?

5. Does your being a lolita have an influence on the way you raise your child?

6. If your child asks you or has asked you why you dress this way (compared to other mothers), what would you say to him/her?

7. Would your child want you to stay this way even if it is "eccentric", or would he/she prefer having a more "conventional" mother?
Would you stop being a lolita if your child asked you to?

8. How do other children act towards yours when you are present? And when you are not?
Does it change his behaviour within the family? If so, in which way?
How do other parents react?

9. If your child whishes to adopt this style in the future, would you encourage him/her to do so?

10. Do you have a personal anecdote to add?

You can send your answers and ask questions at

Thank you very much, have a pleasant day!

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alice auaa: Where to Buy

I searched through the past entries and didn't find what I was looking for. If there is already a post like this in existence, please let me know!

I fell in love with some of the items of alice auaa on their website but I know that they don't ship overseas. 

What are some ways I could obtain alice auaa items? I know that a few pieces end up on Closet Child's website but they either go too fast, are out of my current range to spend, or not what I'm looking for. 

Thank you for your time!
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Looking for chaostie

I took part in a group order with her, I have tried contacting here on AIM, E-mail and PM. She responds every so often but this is getting out of hand. There are other girls in the order that have not been invoiced, some got there stuff and some want a refund. I my self have not received my stuff. I have been trying to get a hold oh chaostie just to see if she sent it out yet.

If anyone is a personal friend of hers please tell her to get on this. (latest update)
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Victoria, TX Lolita Meet Up; RSVP reminder

Just a friendly reminder that the last day to RSVP for the Victoria, TX Lolita Meetup is tomorrow!
Please post your RSVP either here or through Kitana.

Some info has also been changed, we will be meeting at the Gazebo in the DeLeon Plaza, but instead we will be going to a house since the budget was cut dramatically so please forgive us. (It'll still be awesome fun!)

Hope to see you all there! ^_^

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Michigan Meet-Up

 Well, as far as I know, MI here is pretty devoid of Lolita meet-ups. How many people here live in or near enough to MI that they would go to a meet-up if there was one? I think it would be really great to have some sort of small one-or-two day Lolita convention in MI -I don't think we've ever had one.

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