September 29th, 2009


Help finding tights....

SInce i started wearing lolita i haven't had that much trouble finding nice pairs of knee high socks, but i can't seem to locate any good pairs of tights. Anybody out there have any suggestions? My real difficulty is finding ones that are opaque. i can find colored hose pretty easily but opaque (non-nylon) tights are proving more difficult. Any suggestions are much appreciated :).
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When is it too much?

Here's a thought that struck me. What is everyone's lolita limit? How much would you be willing to spend to get your ultimate dream dress? What is the highest amount you have paid for a dress? (or other, shoes, etc.) Though Lolita is very expensive I find that I rarely pay more than $350 for a single dress. *___* 
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Lolita Filmmakers

There seems to be a few of us around...

Do you make short films with your friends? Are you studying film in high school? Do you do a degree in film at university? Are you already in the industry!? Director, writers, cinematographers, art directors, costume/wardrobe, make up... if so, I'd love to hear about you, your work and your experiences :D

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London Expo Gothic Lolita Catwalk + Panel

Hello all I did a fashion show for Ayacon 2009 this year and also a gothic Lolita panel at Cosplay Roadshow and I was asked by expo staff if I could do a Gothic Lolita event on Saturday AND Sunday.

So on the Saturday I am looking for TEN models for a catwalk and FOUR girls to do a talk Q&A panel on the Sunday which might also include a small catwalk with these four girls . I’d like different girls for both days.

I’d like a range of styles and people to enter this : ) if anyone wants to join please PM me name, stage name, age, and what you will be wearing.

And state which day you’d like to do the event on.
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It'll All Pay Off Someday...

So, it being necessary to do school work rather than bask in lolita, I thought I'd take a quick break for a little bit of a fun exercise.

What school or work related skills do you have that have helped/could help you in lolita fashion? What skills have you learned from lolita that help you in school/work?

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Me with pink
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Sailor & Sweet Lolita shoot

I've been planning quite an exciting Lolita inspired shoot this Saturday and in the process completely realised that I never uploaded my shots I did with the wonderful Dina!
We met up in April and did two shoots in one day. One was a sailor lolita inspired shoot which was meant to be very minimal, shot on Whistable beach. The other was a bit of fun in my local gardens in Canterbury taking advantage of the beautiful Cherry Blossom.

I hope you guys enjoy!

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