September 27th, 2009


Halloween costume lulz

Well, you guys are probably going to hear about this up until November...sorry if it's been posted already, but I did skim the comm to make sure there weren't any recent posts about it! (ALSO sorry if this is old news as I don't buy patterns often.)

Yesterday I went to Hancock with my partner, and a Simplicity pattern book showcasing Halloween costumes caught my eye (since I love everything Halloweeny♥). I flipped to the first page, which featured a spread of costumes that looked vaguely Steampunk-ish (goggles, tailcoat, clock gears in the background) and Gothic Lolita-ish, with mini-hats and semi-bell-shaped skirts. I was all LULZ and proceeded to flip through the book.

Then I happened upon some costumes that made me go "lol, they're trying to do decora!!" And I looked at the title...and THEY REALLY WERE. It said something like "Harajuku Street Fashion." Next to them were the "gothic lolita" costumes.

tl;dr version: Simplicity made Gothic Lolita and Decora Halloween costumes!! SERIOUS LULZ.

Maybe you hate it, maybe you want to buy one. Personally...part of me is thoroughly amused (in the LOLWHUT kind of way), but part of me also gets a little excited when I see stuff in American culture that is ...not just inspired by gothloli, but actually TRYING to achieve it. Even though in this case it's a dinky Girls' Halloween costume. XD

What do you think?!
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Yahoo! Auction Help? <3

Hey, is anyone living in Japan and is registered as a yahoo! auction premium member?

I want to buy a meta skirt (ending in like, a day haha), but can't become a premium member because I don't have a Japanese credit card and my bank is not listed in the options for yahoo! wallet use. :/

Would anyone be able to bid on it for me? I can do bank furikomi or yucho furikomi to pay for it<3

Let me know :D
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Boring 'Looking for an entry/user' post


I searched memories and tags, but couldn't find what I'm looking for. A while back a user posted a skirt she had sewn. It was teal/sea green, chiffon(?), and had summery details like a beaded chain with seashells on it. I'd love to look at the entry again and ask the user a question. So if anyone knows I would appreciate it :)

Please & thank you

(no subject)

Hey guys, I'm looking for a tutorial posted probably a billion years ago. I believe it was clarice that posted it, and it was for a skirt with pintucked panels and maybe a ruffle? I'm pretty sure the fabric she used for the example had a light blue background but I could be wrong. Thanks in advance!
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Searching for special kind of ribbon

As my title states, I'm searching for a special kind of ribbon. Some Lolita brands use them. I've googled and found only one German site selling it for around 30 euro for 5 meter. I only need maybe half a meter and don't want to pay so much money.

The brand seems to be Mokuba (and Japanese) and they are called frilled ribbon. But there have to be some more shops selling that kind of ribbon? I've searched for 'frilled ribbon' but nothing worthwhile came up. Additionally, I used Japanese for my searches but... nada. Maybe my katakana were wrong. xD

Maybe some of you will know a place which sells this ribbon and in smaller quantities? Or other brands producing it?

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Thanks in advance!
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Review of Suppurate System Iteam and Yosuke leche shoe from international shipping
This link above was about my previous problems about but it got solved and now I'm posting a review of a ring from Suppurate System(Ozzy) and a pair of shoes from Yosuke(hips shoe store) that I ordered about 4 days ago and recieved today!!!(maybe because I live close to south korea XP)I also ordered a ring from hiderock(Rowdy) but that has yet to come,but I know it will come very soon!^^
Pictures posted here and feel free to ask questions about you have any,I'll try to answer the best that I can) since I ordered through the international shipping on there!~advice-It will ship faster if there is only one thing in your order.I actually made one iteam for one order,so 3 separate order in all!~(I know because of experienceXP)
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I'm asking you who own IW shoes

I’m worried that this is an unnecessary post, but I checked the memories and googled, and nothing relevant came up.

I love Innocent World shoes, they are some of the more classic and elegant Lolita shoes I’ve seen, but I’m not sure how they would fit…

I’m asking you who own Innocent World shoes. Is the quality good? My feet are less than 25 centimetres long, but more than 24, so are they big or small in size? Wide or narrow? How do they look in real life(please post pictures)? Are they comfortable to walk in?

Stupid Bodyline Shipping Questions and a Definitive Customs Guide

I know we have a ton of entries about customs issues but they're all over the place.  I want to make one definitive post where all customs questions are answered.  I also want to make a chart showing what the chances of a customs attack  depending on where you live, the amount, and the carrier.  If anyone has info they want to share, please do.  ^^

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A lace question

I searched the memories for something but didn't answer my question. I want to finish making my CBB half bonnet.


Do you gals know of a place that sells affordable lace that have cute patterns in it? Like animals, fruit, or things like that? I would prefer a physical store in the US if you know of one. I like to look at the lace in person. I would prefer not to pay overseas shipping if I can help it if it's an online site! 

Thank you! ^_^


(I sure hope this is understandable. I'm recovering from the flu and my grammar isn't so great. ~.~ )