September 25th, 2009

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Curious about The Daily Frill

I was wondering what ever happened to The Daily Frill? I haven't heard anything about the project in a long time. I know they had some content, which was taken down after site malfunctions. So is the blog dead forever, or what?

Delete if this is repost. I used the search function, but we all know how well that thing works. XD

Tutorial: How to add shirring to a pleated jumperskirt or dress

Hello EGL,

I recently finished altering a jumper skirt of mine, and I made a short tutorial for the rest of the lolita community on how to make a pleated dress wider. A lot of it might seem like common sense, but I thought that it might be helpful for those of you who are sick of being an inch or two too small for your favorite dresses.

I still have not finished my dress (I need to alter the straps, and add a little bit of lace to the new panel in the back) but I thought that I would post the tutorial now, because I don't intend on adding any more information.

If you have any questions, or critiques, please let me know. I am not a professional seamstress by any means, and I know that I have a whole lot to learn!

And lastly, if you have an issue with altering brand, it's probably best that you don't look.

Click here for the tutorial (It is hosted at my blog, so if this is an issue, please let me know!)

BiiCat Loli

To all Lolis in the Reno Area

Is anyone who lives in the Reno-Lake Tahoe Area going to be coming Shadows up at UNR?

Shadows is a Halloween mini-convention that's run by the Anime and Manga society at UNR, and I'm having an artist's booth there.

It's on October 16th on the fourth floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union at UNR. It's $15 at the door if you're either a UNR student or in costume. $20 for General Admission.

I suppose this is like a meetup feeler post?

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Parcel mix up!!! Looking for an Alix who used mochimachine!

Has anyone ordered from mochimachine recently?
I have had a parcel mix up ;___;

I recieved a black bttsb blouse with pearl buttons, and a pair of white bloomers.

I believe that the buyer of these items is called Alix...

I was expecting a pair of pink Liz Lisa boots and a Liz Lisa headbow :(

If you are Alix and have my items/have the tracking number, please contact me!! We need to trade them, and hopefully mochimachine will give us the money for the shipping. They have not got back to me about the problem yet :(

Celga Advice?

Update: I *finally* got the right person when I emailed last night (that Carrie person i kept getting was totally useless!) And now I've got a tracking number and I've been able to pay for my shipping. I'm still leery of ever using them again, what with all the horror stories.

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I've been waiting 11 days since the first time I asked them to let me pay to ship my item home, close to three time the wait time they claim to have. I wanted to know if this is normal for Celga, and what I should do. Do I just wait quietly? Do I keep asking them to let me pay and to send my item? How long should I expect to wait?

I'd used celga a few times before, because the do MBok and it all went really fast and smoothly. But that was before they changed their format. I'm never using them again after this. Anybody know of another good place to use for MBok auctions?
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Just some sewing and accessory completions :)

Just showing off my latest work! Some of its over in the sales comm or in my etsy, and some of it was commissioned and has already gone off to its new home... anywho i hope you like it and i always love con/crit. Some of it was X-posted to sew-loli. All the links are only to bigger pics so don't worry about viewing a sale or anything.

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I was bored and was already wearing my new JSK, so I decided to do a crazy makeup tutorial to feel extra pretty in it ~ This contains doll eyes and fake lashes, so if you don't like them and think they look scary then skip this I guess? XD

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