September 23rd, 2009


rochester, ny zoo meetup

the lolitas of the rochester, ny/western ny area are having a meetup at the seneca park zoo in rochester, ny on sunday, 27 september at 11 am. we're having a lovely potluck picnic lunch and then walking around the zoo to see the animals. if you haven't seen the post on the rochester lolita community, please go here. thank you.

Quick Question!

Hey, I have bought some lolita clothing from Crescent Shop, and I was wondering if anyone else has bought from there before? How long did it take for you? Because I won the auction a long time ago, but my shipment is still "processing" .. I fear that I have been scammed. It's my first time buying from there^^

QutieLand Bags

Hello everyone. I just have a question to ask. Has any ever bought bags from QutieLand? Were they of good condition and wll-made? Were they cheap looking or had any flaws? I`m thinking of buying a couple of bags, so I just wanted some input on the matter. Any comments on the matter would be appriacted

Removable bows (answered :D)

if this is wrong feel free to remove it :)

I have started to make my first lolita skirt, and ive seen a few onepieces and skirts online that say they have removable bows, for my first skirt i want to keep it simple so just like plain black with a few ruffles on the bottom, and i was thinking a removable bow would be just right for it.

So i was wondering, how are they attached? like with buttons, velcro etc, and because they are removable does anyone find that they might fall off easily?

Many thanks xXx

Dyeing blouses?

I'd really like a light pink blouse, but they're hard to find so I was thinking of buying a cheapish white blouse and dyeing it pink. Only problems I have are I'm afraid the dye might disperse weirdly because of the fabric already having been sewn, and I'm wondering if any sort of lace will dye unevenly or not at all.

I think the knitted cotton that comes on most lolita items dye fine, but I'm wondering about that tulle lace that AP has been using on a lot of their stuff lately. As well as the buttons, would those go pink or stay white? Would I be better off just waiting for a pink blouse?

Thanks in advance C: