September 22nd, 2009

Manamu Manamu! Where are you?

So while perusing the interwebs for videos I came upon the Gothic Lolita episode on Tokyo Kawaii TV. In said episode they had a piece on Manamu, talking about her clothes and showing her fabulous decor. I scoured the computer pages and found nothing! No blog, no site, just a *shudders* LaCarmina page.
So I'm asking my peers on egl, do you have any pictures of the lovely Manamu?
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Sailor Moon - censored

Question for the gamers..

I know we have a lot of gamer Lolitas (targeting those who play tabletop rpgs and such), and I know I've seen a lot of interest in combining various things involving gaming with Lolita (ie the suggestion for prints with d20s in it).

One of the things I'm breaking into (for cons and to later do commissions of online) is making dice jewelry (using the odd dice typically used in tabletop gaming (d20s, d4s, d8s, etc) combined with the fancy mini d6s (like the nice ones that Chessex sells in the 36-count boxes)). One thing I was thinking of doing to combine this with Lolita is making small hair bows with dice incorporated in them (either a single d20 in the middle of the bow, or a string of small dice otherwise attached). One other thing I'm considering making is mini beaded crowns (these) made of dice, but I wasn't sure if it would be worth it, as the cost for the materials alone would be somewhat pricey, which would make the price of the crown itself higher than people may be willing to pay.

My question to you Lolitas is, would you be interested in something like this? How much do you think you'd be willing to pay for a crown made of dice? Is there any other type of dice accessory you'd like to see to incorporate into your Lolita wardrobe?

Thank you in advance for your input! ^^

Japanese Blog Translations

There have been some translation posts lately, so I thought I'd add mine of this classic lolita's blog, too.
I'm doing this to practise Japanese, so they aren't always 100% correct, though I'm getting there, haha..

I made a seperate journal for them over here fakecupcakes , feel free to add. :]

I'm also thinking about adding translations of this blog, though the girl I'm translating now is pretty posting happy, so I don't know if I'll get around to doing that, too.


Bodyline Skirt Question; Product g1108

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The skirt length is 40 cm
compared to other skirts that i randomly clicked on, it is shorter. I suppose this may not be a Lolita skirt because the model is not wearing Lolita.
I want a cheap Lolita skirt because I have cutsews that are kinda casual, and I have no job ._.
My question(s) are: Is this skirt too short for a appropriate Lolita?
If you own this skirt will you explain why you  do or do not like this skirt?
Does this skirt have the ugly spider print material on it?
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I was wondering as to what events are actually going on at NYAF that involve BABY. I tried a search to see if anyone posted anything, but only some old posts came up from last year.

All I have gathered is:
1. BABY will have a booth in the dealers room
2. Sumire concert on Sunday

Am I missing anything?