September 21st, 2009

request Btssb pics

I have a big request.
Could all of you show me your pics from the SF Grande opening and from the tea Party the day after?I really would love you for this.Im really interested in your style and in pics with Misako. (does someone as her blog web adress?)
And if someone is a big fan from her did you have pics from her modeling for Baby or know someting more about she?
This would be soooo nice ^^
Thank you and have a great day.
*sry for my bad english*

Nintendo DSi

I got my nintendo DSi the other day in white, and I was mussing with the internet functions.
I noticed a couple of things that made me happy I could take it with me for lolita!
The camera function gives me "PURIKURA" mode. (they call it graffiti.) And I can immediately upload to facebook.
The online function allows me to bookmark things, so I have all my favorite brand blogs for easy reading on the go!
Has anyone found more functions on theirs that helps with keeping up with lolita?
Example: (can you tell I never ever purikura?)

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Looking for coords with the H&M red polkadot dress?

 I was wondering if anyone has examples of coordinates they've made with the H&M polkadot dress from a while back? (Preferably the red one with white dots.) I've looked, but only found one example on EGL- I know there have to be more! D:

While i'm looking- does anyone know of a good place currently selling nice boleros? (If this isn't allowed, let me know and i'll gladly erase it.) nun

a request for clothing sales at egl_comm_sales

Hi Ladies,
since I started wearing lolita two months ago, I'm visiting the sales comm regularly. I'm an average to thin person (measurements 34" bust, 25" waist) and therefore want to know the minimum measurements of the clothes too - but all we get are the max. measurements!

If a skirt has a maximum waist of 29", I get no idea if it will fall off as soon as I'd try it on. I'm tired of asking every single time "will it fit my waist too?"
Please keep in mind that there are chubby lolis who need the maximum measurements, and there are skinny lolis who need the minimum measurements.


Thanks a lot. :)
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tokyo rebel logo

Attention Northeast Lolitas!

So as we barrel ahead towards our October 3 opening, we wanted to give you guys an update on what to expect from New York's first Japanese street fashion store - Tokyo Rebel - at NYAF and at our retail store opening. New brands coming soon too! Big ones!

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