September 20th, 2009


Shoes on the cheap.

Here lately, i've been looking for cute EGL shoes, but they're never cheap, until my friend suggested Amazingly cheap shoes for the loli without cash. Just thought i'd share and hopefully you enjoy the site!
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NYAF loli?

Hello ladies,
I just founfd out that I will be attending NYAF next weekend. I thought I saw some evnts posted here, but now all I can find is the swap meet scheduled for Saturday. Is there anything else going on that I missed?
Sorry if this is a redundant post, but I couldn't find anything.
Thanks for your help!


Hello! i'm a confused lurker. i've looked in the memories, but i don't think i've come across what i'm looking for! So i guess i'll make a new post... (i'm sorry if this has been asked/adressed before, but i'm very bad at searching and very confused...)

i want to make a purchase from Bodyline, and the total right now, including the $20 for shipping, is $114... But i dont understand the whole DHL shipping thing? What are the custom fees? i don't really understand what will happen if i finalize the order.... Will i get like $100 dollars more charged... or something? i'm sorry for my stupidity i just wanna know what i'm doing for sure before i do it!
Also, i cant really tell how long it would take for the package to arrive... So how long does it usually take? To the U.S if it matters....

Thank you in advance, and sorry again if this is stupid... This community is awesome by the way :3
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Is anyone else kind... bored with AP?

So, I love AP but recently I just can't help thinking that the prints all look so gosh darn similar. Especially with the new fawn print. ( ) At first I thought they'd re-released miracle candy with different jsk design, it also bears a striking relembelance to the cherry bunny print and tbh most of angelics print releses this year except for maybe Melty Chocolate.

Does anyone else wish there was more innivition within lolita? I feel like sweet lolita is stuck in a pinkxbluexwhite marshmellow nightmare. I wanna look cute but I don't want to look like a unicorn hurled on me =/

Edit: And am I the only one who's had enough with the bunnys, kittens, fawns, cherries, strawberries and sweets -_- Not to mention the hearts...

Vancouver Lolita Granville Island Meetup, Sept20th - Photopost!

So, it was a beautiful day down on Granville Island, and a few of us Vancouver Lolitas got to enjoy the nice weather before it disappeared.  The artsy people down on Granville Island are a lot nicer about the fashion, and were fairly enthused by all the dresses and skirts walking in amongst the market xDD; At least they were nice... and sometimes asked to take pictures!

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