September 19th, 2009



Happy Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day! Be egl  doin' a thing or two? Grab yer grog an' put on yer frills, it be a glorious day for sailin' n' plunderin'. Post me yer' photographs so ol' "bow beard" can see. Arrrrrrrrrrr


BABY Double Strand Peal-Cross Necklace Replica

It's not exactly a 'replica' since I didn't have a crown, and such... but that's the only thing I didn't have. I really didn't like the crown anyway. I really liked the style, and since it was sold out, I think, I chose to make it myself, since I do jewelry and such all the time. I did this a while ago though.

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Edit: LJ was giving me a hard time with the LJ cuts... hopefully it works now.
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