September 17th, 2009

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Pay BTSSB or not?

Hello EGL, I know some of the people here have trouble with the invoice while some of the people already received the packs. I am one of those that still have trouble.  

I ordered the lucky packs and up until now I still haven't got my 2nd confirmation with the grand total. All I got is the automatic email that says they accepted my order and wait for reply about shipping fee. I received a shipping confirmation and emailed Sana I was still waiting for invoice, not know the tracking number was for another shipment of regular items. So I emailed Kumiko and haven't got a reply yet. I do not want them to blacklist me. So should I pay for the total cost of the packs and wait for them to invoice me?

The problem with BABY and emails.

I just wanted to post this as a quick note for everyone who has not received their second confirmation from baby.

I've talked to two different people who had placed their orders but were still waiting for their second email from baby and were fearing being blacklisted for non-payment. After hearing about their problem I emailed baby and received a response less than fifteen minuets later. This lead me to believe that there was some sort of problem with either or both end of communication. I asked them to email Baby with either gmail or their university account and they both received a fast reply and I believe their invoices as well.

If you have no gotten your second email/invoice and do not wish to be black listed I suggest that you email baby again but with a different email then that you placed your on with.
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Kyrosis' Uber Finds List

Stuff I've come across after a search being influenced by Wing (initially for sailor) lol but progressed into a huge list
but uh if anyone out of UK (or europe as I know some shops like New Look exist in Europe) there are UK shopping services (I also do casual shopping services)

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fanplusfriend petticoat?

I was thinking about buying this petticoat from fanplusfriend but before I do, I'd like to know what other people who owned this petti thought about it?  Just how fluffy is it? Does it loose its fluff over time? Is it comfortable? Or any other notes I should know? (I checked the memories and search function, but nothing that could really help me)

Petticoats...I want a good one!

I look and I look and I look. Nowhere can I seem to find me a good petticoat.
Surprise! Surprise! Anime Matsuri 2009 has come to my rescue! I finally have
a very nice, very soft, very cupcakey underskirt. On reflection, I should of bought
more then one!!!!

Here are some websites i've heard to have a good reputation on selling you the best!
They supply pettipants, chiffon or Organdy petticoats, double-skirted petticoats, 35 yard petticoats,
and soft petticoat. Some even go up 100-yard for extra fluff.

Here is a tutorial that a friend uses to make her underskirts.

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Art Post: Murder loli

So this picture was inspired my some stupid mainstream girls who were making fun of me at school today. I found it sad that people are that immature at the college level, but then again I'm not suprised. I don't actually wanna kill these girls, I just thought this picture would be a fun way to vent.

and now without further ado, I present Murder Lolita:
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Imai Kira Illustration Book Scans

Someone had sent me a PM requesting a scans of my Imai Kira illustration book, but I accidentally hit the "delete all" button when I was cleaning up my PM box last weekend, and I cannot remember her user name...  >_>;;;  So, I hope she see this and knows I didn't totally forget.  I couldn't remember which one she wanted a scan of, so I scanned all the main images.  All images are. of course, copyright of Imai Kira, and these scan are only for personal use/enjoyment.

*warning, one of the pictures has some nudity*
*images under the cut are LARGE and will likely tax slower connections*

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Need Real Life Photo of Bodyline Dress~! :DD

I need a nice red dress with a certain style to it and Bodyline has the dress that somewhat fits for my description.
But the quality of the fabric looks pretty shiny *_* So what is this? Stain? It's Polly and Cotton it says but, it still looks way to shiny to me.
I looked at the Black version of it and it's WAY better o.o

So, I believe that this dress could be that bad, maybe just the pictures....RL pictures of this dress please :DD

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Question about Triple Fortune Bonnets

Okay, so I already heard that you can get their Bonnets in custom colours, means they make unique Bonnets for the customer. But do they also make custom sizing, or do they have a standard size?
Because I often search for 3F Bonnets on Auctions or used, but I never really bought anything, just admired.
But when I want to buy, I would like to know before how they fit!
I ask, because I have a rather small head and since they are stiff Bonnets I am not sure if it could work when they are too large.
I only own a IW Bonnet so far and that one is really big on me, but I can tie the ribbon tight to make it sit better on my head.

Does anybody own a Triple Fortune Bonnet and can tell me how they fit and if this is a standard size? Please help a  fellow Triple Fortune lover.;__;
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Bodyline Prices

Hello EGL!

I was just on the Bodyline website thinking that I should do some shopping since the shipping was only $20 :D When all of a sudden..


I was eyeing on a cardigan that was like $11 and now it went up to $24 :'<

Please tell me this is temporary D: How long will this last?!

and btw when are they going to restock?

I'm sure some of you noticed but how long did this happen?

~+~ Tokyo Meet-Up, Sept. 19th ~+~

Just a reminder and another chance to invite everyone to the meet-up that's in two days.

Join us for some fun in Harajuku; Shopping, strolling around and eating random sweets [e.g. crepe, ice cream] in frills!

Date: This upcoming Saturday, September 19th
Hour: 12:00 [Earlier, so we will have more time to hang out during daylight]
Meeting spot is at Jingu-bashi [the famous bridge, from Harajuku's Omotesando exit].

[Unknown LJ tag]

You may PM me if you would like to exchange mobile numbers.
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Question About Steampunk Lolita

I searched and didn't find what I was looking for, so here is my situation.

I have recently become obsessed with the movie 9 and though "how cute would it be to do a 3 and 4-themed lolita outfit?" I'm sure this seems dumb, but I wanted to do a steampunk lolita style for it. My question: Where would I get steampunk accessories for the outfit, or does anyone know of any good tutorials on how to make steampunk lolita stuff?

I appologise if this is a stupid question or is not allowed.
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One Day in Paradise: Snapshots of our travels.

Hello ladies (and gents, I know you are there!)

It's been awhile since I last posted about our activities over here at One Day in Paradise, but rest assured that the reason isn't because we have disappeared off the face of the earth. Quite the contrary actually: we've continued our travels around Australia bringing to all Australian lolitas the joy of being in a lolita store right at their doorsteps!

Join us on a trip down memory lane of the last 3 (very hectic) months!

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