September 16th, 2009


Looking for a post

Hi everyone! I am looking for a post that had links to multiple dirndl brands that could be used in lolita. I am having no luck finding it with the search function. If someone happened to have bookmarked it or can find the link and share it I will be very grateful. Thank you in advance!
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A Question.

As I've watched daily_lolita and this community, a question has come to me. I was wondering what the general loli community's response to the question would be. I know, that's a weird introduction, but that's about all you're going to get. ^_^;

The Question:

If you were given the money, would you rather buy one dream dress (say OP or JSK and matching blouse) or a couple skirts/tops?
Let's say for the sake of interest that the total pricetag for the OP set would be the same as the total pricetag for the skirts and tops, so as to eliminate the "I'd get the skirts and tops because I'm getting them free, and the skirts plus the tops would cost me more" type answers.
Let's also say that you're a new loli with a limited wardrobe, you're building your wardrobe. Hopefully this will eliminate the more shallow, "I'd get an OP because I already have skirts" type answers.

As for myself (and hopefully this might clarify the question a bit): I'm undecided. There are so many GORGEOUS OPs and JSKs out there...when I go dress "shopping" I always find myself leaning towards the OPs and JSKs because they're so beautiful (for some reason, I find an OP or JSK more elegant than a skirt...may be just me). But there is something to be said for getting separates, as well, because they can be utilized so many different ways. One can make several different outfits with them and not feel like one is wearing the same thing every day.

I guess maybe a different way to phrase the question, then, would be: Would you rather wear one BEAUTIFUL OP all the time or a few different cute outfits?

Is this making any sense? I could try to clarify, but I might just confuse people. XS So there you are! Discuss at your leisure!

Karaoke Meet-up

We celebrated our 10th meet-up in Vienna and went to Karaoke! We were so many people: approximately 30! I don't think I have a picture of everybody... and I don't remember all names, because there were also many new people. We also had a visitor from NY! *_*
here are the pics:

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Thinking of doing something fun and charitable, would love some ideas!


Please excuse the font, I need it this size to see it lol. But today, while I was sitting in a Health and social care class, I got a very random thought. Well not quite random, but I got thinking about how I would like to do something charitable. I would like to do something for a charity, Break Through, the breast cancer charity.

Break throught helps support women with breast cancer, and the emotional affects it has on her and her family.

A person whom I grew up with lost his mother to breast cancer a few years ago, and I wouldn't want to see any woman or anyone at all go through the same. Which brings lolita into what I thought would be a good idea to raise some money. I know in some cases of Chemotherapy women loose their hair, I was thinking as I can sew it might be a good idea to make and design (with help) a range of pretty headdresses, hats, corsages ect. To show, that you don't need long flowing hair to be beautiful or feminine you can have no hair at all and still look radiant.

Lolita seems to be based around looking feminine, and feeling beautiful. So, if your in a current situation of having cancer and going through whatever treatment you currently are, you should have the same right to feel as feminin as any other woman.

I would love some of your ideas please, I would like some suggestions on what to make, so friends and I can get busy making those. Or, what you think would be a good idea to help raise money. I want to donate all the money made to the charity. I was thinking of planning a lolita event, so that there would be a range of handmade dresses/accsesories ect that people could buy. 

I feel really motivated to do something for this charity, and incorporate lolita into it. A fashion which shows, and promotes femininity.

If you would like to read about the charity their website is here:

They have some really inspiring things. I look forward to hearing any comments. Thank you. ^^


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