September 15th, 2009


Please Help!

I rarely search for my name on google, but I did it just now because I was bored.

I found a blog with my picture, birth date, home town, school and class and also my age (which was a year behind though). Both my picture and my information had been taken straight of my facebook page.

This is the link to the blog:

And yes that first girl in the velvet AP dress and hair bow, that's me. I've taken a screencap if something should change.

Also the blog sported a text supposedly written by me in Swedish. This text is however poorly translated, probably in google translate or something similar, because, directly translated from swedish I would have said "I like lolita is beautiful, is not something that someone kan say is well me lolita". This makes me even more believe (if I doubted it before) that this wasn't something I did or accepted that I don't remember.

There are other peoples profiles on that site too, but they all seem to be from different parts of South America, other people have just been awarded with texts like "this is a really cute lolita" or something like that (I use google translate to try to figure anything out so I could be wrong).

If someone please could explain to me what's going on or/and give me some kind of tip about what to do about it, I'd be very grateful! Even though my information is on facebook I hate to see people use it like that on other sites, it's scary!

If mods feel this is inappropriate, please delete! ;___;

EDIT: I just realised that my facebook account has privacy settings as friends only! The plot thickens...

Second EDIT: I checked through my friends list, and with only one person speaking spanish (and having interest in lolita), I believe I have my culprit. Keeping said person as a friend for now untill situation is resolved.
Marie Blue Red

Paypal issues?

Hi girls! I recently bought an AATP Lucky Pack, but I'm having some problems with my Paypal account. I know this isn't directly related to lolita, but the PayPal help-site is such a disaster to navigate so I was hoping someone here would know the answer.

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Favorite online jewelry stores

I was wondering where everyone gets their jewelry from and what their favorite online stores are.
I'm talking about things that are mainly suitable for the elegant styles of lolita (be it gothic or classic etc.) and are from shops that ship mostly world wide :)
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