September 14th, 2009

bodyline nadia skirt colors quesion

hi, i want to buy a nadia skirt and the colours are displayed on the page with the jsk version of the skirt
now, my question is, does anyone know what is the colour of the first jsk from the left? because in the photo it looks brown but then, there is no brown option available. but there are white and purple, which are not in the picture :( has anyone bought it in that brown colour? 

also, could you post your pictures of this jsk or skirt in any colour? i would really love to see how the colours look in real life :)
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Baby's Dessert OP?

Hi, this is my first post ever here and it's a shame it's for a photo request but I'm deciding which 'first lolita' dress to buy, so I was hoping someone could lend me a hand (I tried searching for this too but I didn't really come up with much).

Does anyone have any photos of it being worn? I've only found photos of the lemon sherbet and the melon soda being worn (by damare_kozou and lolitazoku) and found they aren't really as bright as they seem in the photos on Baby's site.

If anyone has any pictures anywhere it would be of great help ♥
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Sept 26 - A good day for a (frugal) meetup! (In the US at least)

September 26th is Free Museum Day. Museums are pretty good places for meet-ups, right? Just fill out the form, print it out, and take it to a participating museum on Sept 26 and you're in free! You can use the FMD website to find out which museums near you will be free that day.

September 26th is also National Public Lands Day so all national parks will be free to enter that day. While it would be inappropriate to go on long hikes or participate in some of the volunteer opportunities in lolita, if you've got a park/monument near you, this would be a good day for a picnic and photos. (Provided the weather cooperates!)

(Something similar posted in my journal and in sandiego_lolita.)

Qi-loli and Wa-loli

 To be honest, I'm really sick of seeing really bad Qi-Loli and Wa-loli. Its pissing me off. Has anyone actually seen any decent stuff? I know everyone has their on opinion on it, but it seems to be something that would take alot of effort to pull off, and I haven't seen it done nicely v.v

*end of angry woman phase*

I need your help about Y!J and ordering at OZZY through Rakuten Internation Shipping Services

 Hello there ladies,

[Edit:] How fast is ordering through Rakuten International Shipping Services for an SS item sold at OZZY? What was your experience with it?

Also, how appropriate is it to send an email to a Yahoo!Japan Auctions seller to hurry up to send us their invoice once we win the auction? It's been more than a week and the girl that is buying it for me still has no news...I also need that for september 26th.

Thank God you're here, EGL.
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How many types of lolita are there?

Hi, this is my first post, and I started lolita about 2 years ago. I just have a question, does anybody know how many types of lolita are there? I am into the gothic, punk, kuro, and wa lolita. I heard there is sweet lolita, steam-punk lolita and many others. I am curious about the other styles. Do anybody have any tips on how to dress any other styles? Thanks.

Just a pic of me wearing wa lolita. Any ideas on how to improve the look?

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Toronto meetup

The idea of doing a meetup has been floating around in my head for a while now and I was thinking maybe I could post here to see if there are any other fellow lolitas in Toronto, Canada. I'm actually in Mississauga, but I'm sure there are no other lolitas there and Toronto isn't too far and is such a huge city, so yeah.

Basically I just want to see how many would be interested. If I get five people I'll take it seriously and actually start planning/making a new dress.

Halloween- Alice

So i decided, since i cant really wear lolita (at least ott lolita) all the time, i figured id wear it for halloween, in the best idea i could think of-Alice!

but i need help. i need to decide wherther to do the disney version, or what i see online- gothic/punk Alice.

If you guys have any help, ideas, etc. to help me figure out what kind of alice/ what to put in the outfit, it would be greatly appreciated <3
me fruit palar

NYAF swap meet

Note to mods: the last post i did like this was asking this one is telling times, I hope this is okay...
Okay ladies who will be at NYAF. At about 3:00pm on sat the 26th there will be a swap meet. We will be meeting in front of the coat check, I wish to have the meet near there. There is no reason to RSVP, but please comment if you wish to go.
New and Used items are fine
*cough* if you wish to swap money do it discretely *cough*

so here is th quick sum up
Where: coat check
Day: Sat the 26th
when: 3ish
why: To clean up your closet and get new items.