September 13th, 2009

Classic/country lolita set (sewing post)

For my most recent commission for pui_puni, she asked me for a classic, country-inspired set that could be worn without a petticoat for a day-to-day style as well as be dressed up to pull off a lovely classic aesthetic. After we discussed bodice and skirt options and came up with a style, and picked over multiple print fabrics before settling on a beautiful jade-green solid, this is what I came up with.


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Lolita Casting Call


My Name is Anna Fischer and I am assisting Nippon Television find candidates
for a documentary on American Lolita. If you live in or around NYC and are
have a large collection we’d love to hear from you.

Filming will take place between September 23rd and September 30th.

Please email me at tell us a little about your
collection, what area you live in and please include a photo of your self.



Has anbody mentioned, that Bodyline has higher prices than before..?
Well for example:
The Love Nadia Jsk was before 44 Dollars and now 47 Dollars...and a lot of other stuff as well

I just thought, I will let some lolitas know this, who don´t check out always (yes I do this XDD) the brand websites
If this post is not allowed, then feel free to delete it.

BTW: Does anbody know, where the house bag is on bodyline website´s D: ? I can´t find it X"DD

Baby Lucky Packs Invoice?

Have any of you lovely ladies gotten an invoice from Baby for the lucky packs?
Just curious ~~~
They finally sent me an email telling my payment and hopefully the shipping email will come in about a day or so ~~ lets hope *wants my secret cake*
Thank you ladies for your support and help ~~ 

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Sweet Fruit A La Mode Cutsew dress

Hey girls, I was wondering how much this dress is going for? I'd like to buy but I don't know how much to offer. Can anyone who has it tell me what they bought it for?

It looks like this:

I wanted to ask before I posted a WTB on egl comm sales.

Thank you so much!