September 12th, 2009


Lolitas in Taiwan?

Hello! I am wondering if there are any Taiwanese lolitas on egl? Since there is BABY in TAIWAN, I figured there must be lolitas somewhere... ;D This past winter when I went back I saw a lolita in the subway area (though it was winter vacation so she may have just been visiting, too @_@ haha!)

大家好! 我想問看看這裡有沒有台灣的洛莉塔(LOLITA)? 因為台灣有BABY IN TAIWAN,所以我想應該有,吧。。。 ;D 寒假的時候我有回台灣, 在地鐵車站有看見一位LOLITA(但有可能她也是回去玩的)。有的話,請舉手!!;

Are any lolitas attending AWA?

AWA is next weekend September 18th-20th. I was wondering if any lolitas here are going? It is in Atlanta, so if you are in/around the area you should plan to attend!

Here is a link to the official site:

Thank you ^^
-Edit- I am going to be there for all three days and dressed lolita for every day! ^__^ I will be sure to look out for all lolitas attending!
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Lolitas who cosplay

 I'm a lolita, I'm also a cosplayer. I was a lolita before I started cosplay.
In my opinion there is nothing wrong with this, I keep my wadrobes seperate, and because sew both, my skills can only improve right? Also, knowing the cosplayers here I help the ones who want to wear lolita.
I understand there are lolitas who hate cosplayers, then there are some who are cosplayers. Whats your opinion on the matter? Is it bad I do both? I wear them both to the same conventions, on different days though. I understand that this would make me come across as a cosplay lolita, but I'm not...

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A New Lolita Community: Feeling lost and confused? Or Bored? Check out Loli_Mentors!

Hello egl community :3,

A while ago I made a post gauging the interest for a community that would provide Lolitas who are not yet comfortable with the Lolita Fashion (or that would like a little guidance) with knowledgeable 'big sibling' figures, or mentors, to help them develop their own style and guide them through the online Lolita world. Well, the idea has been refined and brought to fruition; so now I bring you,loli_mentors!

Please be sure to check out the profile page as application information is located there along with community rules and a fun vector image!

If you have any questions, It's highly possible that they have already been answered in the original post located here.

Thanks! Wish us luck :D
-permission to post from [info]laiferr

Does Amazon Japan ship magazines internationally?

This may sound like an odd question, but I was wondering if Amazon Japan considers magazines as books. I ask because I was planning to pick up a few copies of the GLB and KERA Maniax, which I know both have ISBN numbers, but thought I'd throw in an issue or two of Kera and ageha, along with some non-loli related magazines. The thing is, Amazon JP will only ship books, cds, and dvds internationally, so I want to know if they are considered books in their system.

Thank you!