September 11th, 2009

Btssb lucky pack question

This is going to be my first lucky pack order and first order from brand. So there is about 7 minutes left before the sale starts. I heard that the packs would be on a webpage like their normal clothing. I can't find the LPs. Baby's site went down for a little so I thought they were updateing their site to include to LPs but I can't find them. I would like to know where I would find the LPs. Would it be under "and the like" or something else. Also how does paypal work with turning dollars in to yen. Do I just enter my credit card number like normal? Also does the cart direct me to paypal or does btssb email me with their account.
edit  Thanks for answering my question. I ordered my LP. I can't wait for it to get here.
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(no subject)

I was looking for a way to join some fanclubs for visual kei bands and someone recommended this to me:

Then it occured to me that it could also be used for buying loli stuff.  However, I'm hesistant about using it for this purpose right away and was wondering if anyone has used it before.  Any positive or negative comments about it?

Just throwing an idea out there..

It seems like every time someone makes a 'documentary' trying to explain lolita/ the lolita community people respond that it was good but a little too.. (insert something here, yeah it's usually lifestyle.). Plus they're usually made by only a few people and as such are short and only have a few peoples thoughts/opinions/experiences.
This comm has 12932 members, from and living in just about every country in the world, and contains a large amount of bloggers/vloggers/people who own video/digital cameras/webcams. With so many people do you think it would be plausible if we all got together and each make little parts, like interviews and meetup footage, then stuck it all together? That way we could provide an international view of the styles and community, and because everyone would get the chance to add to it there'd be less complaining and a wider range of content.

(And no I wouldn't want to be in it, if that's what you're thinking.)

== Tokyo Meet Up : Sept. 19th ==

Join us for some fun in Harajuku!
Shopping, strolling around and eating random sweets in frills!

Final details of meet-up:
Date: Saturday, September 19th
Hour: 13:00
Meeting spot is at Jingu-bashi [the famous bridge, from Harajuku's Omotesando exit].

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Once again, feel free to leave here a comment or PM me with any question or suggestion!

drying rack quality?

i hope this is okay to ask in this community. i'm looking into buying a drying rack now that i'm back in college and have no stairways to hang my clothes on.

as i'm looking i notice some are wooden, some are steel, some say accordian, some say 3 tier.

are there differences in quality and durabilty? are some to small to fit the skirts/blouses/etc.? which would you recommend?

Clothing Care: Stretched out Waist

Hi ladies and gents,

I have a question about stretched out fabric. A while ago, I wore my Stained Glass JSK with a petticoat that was a little too long; throughout the day, I ended up rolling up the waistband of the petti, which ended up being too bulky (like so) and now the fabric is noticeably stretched out/wrinkly looking I've tried handwashing it in cold water and hang drying it but it doesn't seem to work. Does anyone know if taking it to a dry cleaner would help restore the garment?


**ATTN: Vancouver BC Lolita** ~ Just a thought

Okay, so I've spoken to a few lolita's in the area, but to those who I may have missed or not talked to before I would like to speak to you about an idea that I've had for a couple of days now. I'm planning to do a monthly newsletter or possibily magazine on Sweet Lolita.  I think the whole idea on covering Lolita is for those like myself who are still beginners and newbies is a great way to get others interested in Lolita, this is for only one style but I'm sure to include other styles as time goes by.

After talking to a few, I'm very eager to start. But also, I've already been jotting down idea's, which you an PM me about. I want to hear other idea's and get suggestions. I'm looking for a title of the newsletter/magazine, so please if you have any don't hesistate to contact me with one.

1) For starters, I NEED photographs. I'm looking at new or maybe already exisitng photographs you want submitted. It can be as many or little of you as you choose. Also, artwork is fine too. There will be features like photo galleries, lolita brand reviews, recipes, interviews on girls who currently do or attempting Sweet Lolita. 

2) Everyone who helps out will get a free copy. Though it might turn out to be a scrapebook. We can make it look very proffessional, as I spoke to Staples about making multiple copies. I might have to add a small fee for those who want another copy, but I assure you it won't cost that much.

3) I would like to make this almost like a Gothic & Lolita Bible, including freebies. We can discuss that one, I had idea to use things from Daiso in Richmond, with stuff like Deco Seals that have cute cell phone charms.

4) Having sections dedicated to events, and maybe other reviews on movies, music, books, etc. :) A section for crafts or tricks on how to save money and still look lolita and how to's making/buying lolita acessories.

5) I'm not sure exactly how many pages this newsletter/magazine will be. I'm aiming for 20 or 30 pages.

ntil then, I look forward to what some of you come up with.

Thank you <3
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Tanslatable Lolita

So, I was walking around my town's craft fair today, looking at all the cool stuff people made, and it got me thinking.

What do you think are some pieces/aspects of lolita that translate well into common fashion? What bits do you think the average person, without knowing anything in particular about lolita, would find appealing/be likely to wear? I suppose a good marker of this would be: what bits of lolita do you regularly wear in your non-loli outfits?

I was thinking of bows, since I see many girls around my school wearing ribbons in their hair. What do you see people wearing that reminds you of lolita?

Just so you know, I'm not proposing trying to get the general public to buy lolita. I just wanted to think about this. ^.^ Thank you for your input!