September 10th, 2009

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Consignment Stores

 Hey girls!

So I've been wondering if there are any other Lolita consignment stores that sell their wares online other than Closet Child and Clothing Drop. I continue to watch both but I haven't caught much that's tickled my fancy. I did purchase a ruffled tiered black/white/red skirt by h. Naoto from Clothing Drop but I was wondering what else (if anything) is also out there.

Feel free to give me reviews on places if you've dealt with them before! Thank you very much.
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Discussion: Understanding the Hidden Meanings of Women's Clothes

Yesterday, I picked up a book at my local library about the psychology of female fashion, called "Dress Code" by Toby Fischer-Mirkin. I can't really go into detail but I suggest giving it a look if you happen to stop at your own library or bookstore. As I was reading, I found a chapter that discussed the certain genres of styles being worn and what it meant.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot to credit:

Fischer-Mirkin, Toby. Dress Code: Understanding the Hidden Meanings of Women's Clothes. 1st ed. New York. 1995. Print

edit: *facepalm* I didn't realize that the book was published so long ago until I credited it. Other than that, we can still discuss some things while pertaining to this time

From which AP series is this dress?


Asking for advice

Hi, I just discovered the EGL fashion a year ago, and I just found this awesome community. :)

I'm working up the courage to put together my own outfit for a con next year. I found a great skirt in a consignment shop, and I have a a cute blouse/light jacket that I like over it. However, I would really love some advice or tips about where I should go with this basic ensemble.

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lolita athletes?

(Mods: feel free to delete if irrelevant, but...)

I know there was a post on fitness a few days ago, but it got me thinking - is there anyone else that plays a sport intensely (as in, daily or even twice-daily practices) and still wears lolita?

I'm on my school's swim team, and having wet hair and aching muscles all the time makes it difficult for me to motivate myself to bring out the frills. Of course, the season only lasts through fall, but I still swim pretty regularly year round.

So, I'm wondering. Are there any other loli athletes out there? What problems have you faced with switching from fancy dresses to workout gear? Do your muscles get in the way of buying certain clothes (I know that I don't like wearing puffed-sleeve blouses with my "swimmer shoulders"..) ?

Share your stories, advice, etc! I'm guessing this is a pretty niche group over here on egl (since these type of sports are usually only played in high school or college) but it'd be nice to find other lolis dealing with the same issues..
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High-waist corset skirt + petti?

I recently received this skirt from Bodyline. I'm not sure what kind of petti to wear under it, since some of the models on the site in this style skirt don't appear to be wearing pettis at all.

Right now, all I have is a very weak petti, also from Bodyline. I might as well not wear it under this skirt, 'cause you can't tell its there. I'd imagine with the thicker fabric, a normal petti would be pretty weak, but I don't know if a super-fluff one would fit?

If you have a high-waisted style skirt like this one, what type of petti(s?) do you wear under it?
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Baby Lucky Packs - Which did you get?

One more post about the Baby Lucky Packs as I'm curious to know what everyone managed to get and what color/colors you are hoping for?

I tried to be good and only ordered one pack this time around - the Snow Dot Set. I'd like it in any color except pink :) My last lucky pack was all pink and I had a lot of pink already so please anything but pink! :P
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An Individual Shopping Service?


I'm sorry to ask about the shopping service again in my last post, but I checked the memories on egl and Google is not working out for me and so, I was looking more into the 1 person shopping service (I don't know how to explain it ) like prettygraffitti or Mai. I emailed them both about my bidding an auction on Y! Japan and Mai never replied back and prettygraffitti only replied once. I know they're really busy, but time is ticking when you're watching an item for auction D: Also, Cresent shop, Celga (which I heard was bad) and Rinkya or other business shopping service isn't really working out for me, because they all accept Paypal and all I have is Yen in cash and thats all I have, I don't even think I'm going to Japan any time soon or in the future, because of how bad the economy is and so I'd really like to put them in use. But, man, I'm having bad luck with shopping services T__T

So, does any lolita know someone/an individual who hosts a shopping service and is available to do it and accepts yen in cash? Which I know is a very slim chance, but it never hurts to try.

Please let me know~ Thanks
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