September 9th, 2009

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Bodyline Love Nadia Question

I know there have been a couple posts already about Bodyline's Love Nadia jsk, especially regarding the color of the mint green. I just got mine today and like others are saying, it is green but it looks very blue. I was wondering if anyone else had ordered a mint one and could tell me if the color is anywhere near the color of the mint SS tea party shoes. I've been thinking about getting a pair, but I don't want to waste the money if the color is completely off.


Couture & Lolita

I was browsing the Galliano runways on and ran across this Lookbook on modern Victorian looks. I thought it was really funny that the girl thought the first dress was very "Gothic and Lolita" ,which I suppose is the new fashion buzzword, but I actually love it. The high neck, the puff sleeves and the empire waist is very translatable. The looks that follow are, what I think, very high fashion versions of dandy, aristo, and gothic lolita.
What do you think? Can lolita be high fashion? Do you think its inspirational? Would lolita styles being seen in Paris or Milan hurt the community or help it? I personally would die if I saw a Galliano X Baby, The Stars Shine Bright collaborative. I would DIE. Chanel x Metamorphose maybe? Or Alexander McQueen x Alice & the Pirates? Imagining a lolita dress covered in swarvoski crystals, hand stiched by Valentino himself, probably worth over $5,000 gives me little girly chills.

Here's another, larger lookbook >
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Bodyline Item Question....

i hate these kind of posts but i am very curious -_-;;;;

does anyone have this item?

i want to know what the top of the JSK looks like under that capelet! and since the top is gathered what the max bust would really be... i think they took flat measurements since this is supposed to be in the queen sized dept.
Mana dino

You're doing it wrong!!!

So, what if you're hosting a panel at a con, giving fashion tips, going over fashion no-no's and all o' that good stuff, and there are a few girls who are obviously doing it wrong? Do you ever tell them that their outfit isn't right?

Or what if.....

you always go to your local meet-ups, take pictures, and even post those pics to EGL, but there are a few new girls who show up wearing horrendous ita outfits? Would you ever give them advise to improve their loli-ness, or just stay silent not to hurt their feelings? And what about if you want to post those pictures to d_l or EGL? Would you not include them in your post, to save them from being mocked by others?

Speaking from personal experience, my first dress wasn't necessarily the best outfit out there. But I wore it everywhere--cons, meet-ups, et cetera. Nobody told me that my dress looked like cosplay, and when I finally found that out, I was so embarrassed by it! I wished someone at the lolita panels I had gone to would have told me this, before I showed up to meets in it.

Basically, would you tell an ita that she's an ita? I'm not sure if this is appropriate here, if not, tell me and I can delete this, or if mods get to it first, all is well.

small BL go

I want to order 2 things from BL. Is there anyone in NYC that would like to split shipping to even less than $20.
There is nooo fee for me, only what you order+split shipping depending how # ppl order+paypal fees.
If you are in NYC we can do a face to face so i can hand you items or if your outside NYC
ii can always ship you your items via usps which will usually not be more than$15 with priority and delivery confirmation.

If anyone is interested reply here or via PM. I might have the order done Monday or tuesday for anyone who needs items soon.

I have feedback here on LJ and via ebay under this screename.

I just need link to item, quantity and color.

Any questions feel free to ask.

The more ppl the less shipping can be, its already at $20 but why not have it for half or even less :]

Just curious if anyone wants to order a small group thing
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Song request!

I know this isn't a wholly legitimate lolita-related question, but I honestly don't know where to ask. I'm looking for this particularly jumbled song that played at the New People/btssb and AaTp fashion show, as shown here . I'm hoping some of the lolitas that attended can recognize it, because I can't decipher what the singer is saying, and I really like the song.

But to further discussion, as I have nothing later to do tonight, (and i'm looking for new music) what kind of music inspires the inner lolita in you? Maybe there's a song you listen to while getting dressed for a meet-up or a song that inspires you to wear a certain style? Or maybe a song you listen to while hunting for bargains on Mbok? xD

I personally have this song by Yanni (I adore his music but not his spousal abuse o.o), called "Until the Last Moment", and it very much throws me into that anachronistic environment where I wish I was on some estate with rolling lawns wearing the very finest of lolita garments (and stuffing my face with delicious cakes).

Please share <3!
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Looking for models [DC/MD/VA]

I’m a high school student located in the DC Metro Area with a strong interest in photography. I became interested in Japanese fashion about a year ago and have been inspired by it ever since. I have envisioned tons of shoots in my mind but have never been able to make them real. One of my main problems is that I can’t afford clothing or find people interested in modeling. It just occurred to me that I might be able to find people through LJ. For my senior project, I’m hoping to do a series on Japanese fashion including Lolita, aristocratic, visual kei, Japanese punk, decora, etc…  


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Examples of my work:

Sweet+Punk Lolita!

hey peoplez~!! im curious to know if anyone has put sweet & punk lolita together to make a cute style! its something i wanna attempt but i wanna see pics of people trying it to get an idea for myself.

GLB & kera models are fine but it would it would even better to see you young ladies strut your stuff and be sweet but with a little darker side!


thanks for your advice and i hope to see some cute styles~!!
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Online orders and sizing

Okay so, I'm going to be able to order online soon and I have a question about sizing. I took all my measurements and this is what I need to know; when it comes to ordering online, how much size difference can you get away with? I imagine going smaller even by an inch than your measurements would make it too tight, how about how far when going bigger? This would be for non shirred items. Does it not make a difference and just depend on the brand? Any info is helpful! Thanks!
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