September 8th, 2009


Photo Request: Baby's Secret Cake Factory Collection

In anticipation of the Secret Cake Factory LP coming out soon, I'm looking for any stock photos of all the colorways/different versions that were made for this print including The Shirred Jumperskirt, Cutsew/Sweater and Tote bag please :)
Show me what you got ~~~ 
* Mostly looking for the Blue, Black and Brown versions but any will do
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can someone help me translated BABY email

I order something from the site and it went thought but the email is in japanese. can someone translate this for me please


[AJ] Headbow is cool ja?

Need help with prices for items in Baby's Paris store

Hi everyone! My parents are going to Paris soon and offered to drop into Baby to buy some birthday presents for me. I've got the prices for most of the accessories I'm interested in from the official Paris blog, but I couldn't find prices for the following items and wasn't sure if that store stocked them.

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Plastic headband worries!?

( I checked the memories prior to posting this and couldn't find anything so I do hope asking this is okay!!)

I would love to buy a few of AP's plastic headbands but am worried about how prone they are to getting that plastic friction in the middle and snapping or coming apart as I've had thinner (and cheaper!!) plastic bands do in the past. Do they hold up well in the middle of the bend from wear? I'd love to hear any advice or input you girls may have on this for a sparkly lucite novice.

Thanks in advance!

Cute online shop

I don't know if it's been brought up before, but tonight in my internettry I found a very cute online shop Sick for Cute. While it's not specifically lolita, a lot of their accessories could definitely work, like this cupcake hairclip, or an adorable rose headband. Some of their shirts are also pretty awesome - I could see this being worn in a casual sailor coordinate, and I really want to put together a mint coordinate with this winking bunny shirt - it even has little puffed sleeves!