September 6th, 2009

== Tokyo Meet-Up : Sept. 19th ==

Following the last thread, where we were discussing generally regarding the meet-up.

We have a date set: Saturday, September 19th
Hour: 13:00 ?

So far, attendants are:

Suggesting to meet in Harajuku, at the JR Omotesando exit, or at the Meiji bridge, as mentioned by Harlekini. We can stroll around, have some shopping and lunch somewhere. Ice cream or crepe is a fine addition imo. What do you think?

More lolitas are welcome to join! The more, the merrier - and frillier! :D

Feel free to leave a comment or PM me with any question, suggestion or whatever!

GAH. Bodyline...

So I ordered a group order for the big sale, and yes, I recived my package. But not everything was there.

I already emailed, and I am still waiting for a reply.

Do you guys think they'll send me the rest?

EDIT: To those in the GO! 

Your stuff is all accounted for. Its just a couple of things I ordered.

Baby's El Dorado print


I've just been looking at the sales comm and one of the posts has a close up of Baby's El Dorado print. I've seen close up's of this before, but on this one it looks as though some of the horses have been cross stitched. Is this right? I love cross stitch and although I've seen other types of needle work used in the fashion, I've never seen cross stitch used before ^^

Have any other brands used cross stitch in any of their designs (clothes or accessories)?

Thanks ^^
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Sorry if im repeating

I've known about lolita fashion for a while now and love it, but i have only just recently decided to become a classic/gothic lolita

Iwant to set myself a task of making my own clothes to start off with, and i was wondering what type of material are petticoats, bloomers and cut sews are made of?

Also are there any good templates/patterns i could use, ive found a load through egl but i either donw understand most of them or dont want to make that item at the moment, or i really need is a basic plain lolita skirt pattern and i should be able to figure the rest out from there.

And are there any lolitas around the wolverhampton area in the UK?

Thank you~
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%6 Doki Doki Parting Party - Pictures and Video

Sharing my small collection of photos and videos from last night's event. Hung out with some lovely east bay lolita-chans.

Photos are dial up friendly, video not so much.. :)

If you seen yourself in the photos, please speak up !

Photo collection from %6 Doki Doki event

Video of the event itself (Long!)

6% Doki Doki Parting Party from Lynda Leung on Vimeo.

Edit: Boo! video got taken down for whatever reason. I'll host it elsewhere!
Edit2: 2nd attempt, lets hope they dont take down the video AGAIN.
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A question & maybe photo request.

So...I'm pretty sure there are brands that sometimes make lolita clothes with straight or barely flared skirts.  Am I right?  I'm thinking Emily Temple Cute or Shirley Temple...maybe Jane Marple?  If there are some, could you all post some photos of outfits with straighter skirts?

I find cute  dresses (a lot of vintage stuff can be modified) where the top half is sooo lolita, but the bottom is straight or not very flared.  I'm just trying to figure out if I could still use them in a coordinate considered lolita.

Any new Rose Chocolat reviews?

So, I know there were a handful of bad reviews for Rose Chocolat from before, and I noticed someone asked for reviews while the store was still in limbo, but I was wondering if anyone has bought anything from them (especially shoes) since the re-open. If so how was your experience?

I noticed they have "shipping right away" shoes, which I would assume is a safer bet, but the chances of them having the right shoe in the right color and size seems slim. However, if they're doing better after the re-open, I figured I'd give ordering a try.

Thank you for your help!
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My nearly eternal quest to find pink RHS hasn't been successful, so I need your help.

Lately, it's been impossible to find a single pair of pink rockinghorse shoes. I saw some in Little Chili at eBay, but I was uncertain about the sizes, which were as far as I remember, very few.
Does anyone know where to get a pair of pink RHS? I skimmed through the An*Ten*Na Rakuten page and didn't found any pink RHS. I don't remember seeing pink RHS in Refuse To Be Usual. Help? ;3; Thank you!
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Tea Party shoes?

Hello, i am sorry about such a question. But is Angelic Pretty stores still carrying Tea Party shoes? ( not web )

About 2 months ago someone living in Tokyo said that they don't anymore, but almost in every Kera and  GLB models seem to be wearing them...

miss me loli

2 Questions

Okay, tell me if this doesn't fit well with this comm, but I've been wondering about these 2 things for a while. Also, these questions refer a bit to the stereotype loli, I do know not everyone fits that and not everyone WANTS to fit that, so please forgive me for the reference. ^_^

On to the questions!

1) We know (or at least, I have heard) it is preferable for a loli to have a smooth, clear complexion. And honestly, isn't that what EVERYONE wants? What are your beauty secrets? When curling hair, product is usally used, does this make you break out more? How do you keep yourself from touching your face and creating breakouts? Also (I beg the non-White lolis to excuse me on this question), how do you keep your skin pale? DO you worry about keeping your skin white (I'm thinking the majority on this would be "no," but I've often envied lolis with porcelain skin)?

2) With all those sweets, lolis must exercise to stay trim for their burando! LOL. Or at least to stay healthy! What are your exercise routines? What do you do to keep fit? Do you HAVE a routine, or do you just pop off a few sit-ups before running for your petti in the morning? What is the best way to exercise?

Thanks for any responses! <333

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