September 5th, 2009

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Lolita story (Oh no, not another!)

Yes ladies and gents, I -along with many other people it seems- have been contemplating writing a lolita story for a very long time now, but rather then write a story about a fantasy world where the heroin just 'hapens' to wear lolita, I'm planing on writing a story about just your everyday, normal loli and the aspects of her life. Kind of like a window into the life of a lolita for those who aren't familliar with the fashion.

So, as I'm not at all new to the fashion, but rather new to the actual experiance of wearing it I wanted to ask you all a little question;

What experiances do you feel are most common/important/strange in the life of a lolita?

Edit; Thank you to those of you who answered courteously, for those of you who didn't, I know I have bad spelling, it's my weak point, but it's not practical to spellcheck every post I make on the internet. The spelling however, does not effect my ability to write. That's what spell check is for.

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Baby Shinjuku blog?

Quick question: anyone have the link to the Baby Shinjuku blog? Does one even exist? I checked every link from the Mito blog and ran searches (both on EGL and google), but got nothing. I'm leaving for Shinjuku tonight and just want to check what's in stock there.

Thanks! :D

epic sock post?

maybe i overlooked this, but i cannot find this entry that i remember. it had a huge list of comments where people buy their socks online. i typed in socks, online socks, buy socks and came up with nothing. so i have a couple of questions and figured i tag this entry so other people can use this as a reference as well.

i'm looking for a weird shade of color socks. i've checked all the brand sites and none of them have the color i'm looking for(which is kinda like mint/seafoam green ish) in stock. so i'm wondering guys:

1. where do you look for socks online?
2. what are some american stores where you buy loli able socks?

here is where i have checked and gone through:
1. sockdreams
we love colors(possibly the only place right now)

2.i checked these stores online:
american apparel
forever 21
hot topic

what am i missing?

pinkie diamonds

Hey everyone I just started this little jewelery and accesories business with my friend a few months ago. We started the website and made a LOT of jewelery that is inspired by japanese fashion and hello kitty and are delicate and pretty and some are chunky and cute that maybe some of you might be intrested in! We both took classes in college in jewelery making and we both take a lot of pride in making quality jewelery and accesories that are also UNIQUE and ONE OF A KIND! Just like all of you!! I dont know if this is allowed or anything but if you wanna check it out to just add a few really nice pieces of jewelery to your outfits EGL or just everyday that are suprisingly cheap compared to like Tarina Tarantino and Betsy Johnson! Although we use a lot of Tarina Tarantino and Betsy Johnson charms and things off of their actual jewelery, we do a new spin on their stuff and try to make it cuter because half of the time the charms are so cute but they are just hooked onto boring chains!

anyway YEAH check it out if you want -

the site is still under construction but if you click "Pay" on the navigation bar it gives you instructions on how to order if the item isn't connected to paypal yet!
Thank you!!

have a **sweet** day!!

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So I have kind of an odd question...
I have an OP with double-puffed sleeves (Baby's ice cream OP), and I am in love with it. However where I am it is starting to get kind of nippy, so I tried to wear a cardigan...
and it looked totally ridic on top of my puffy sleeves.

What do you guys do to remedy this problem? Tuck it into your closet until it comes time to wear it without a cardigan/sweater again and break out your long-sleeved blouses?

I've seen cardigans with puffed sleeves as well, do puffed sleeves on OPs/blouses fit into those little "pockets"? XD

Anyway, thanks for your help 8D

EDIT!: totally different topic, but I just posted so I'd feel silly double-posting!

Does anyone have a rough timeframe about when Angelic Pretty is going to open the reserve for their Milky-chan coat, applique JSK, or headbow + ears? Or a rough price? Sorry if it's been posted somewhere already and I missed it DX
I'm dying for all of this print, ugh ; ~ ;

Japonica Records Shopping Service

Does anyone have any reviews for this shopping service? -}

My super expensive dream dress is on Mbok and I need a shopping service that charges fairly low commission rates. If anyone has recommendations for any other shopping service that does Mbok auctions, I'm up for that too.

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Photo request of bodyline shoes

Ok so first I searched this community to find the bodyline shoes review I needed ( they are exact the shoes I want!)
However, I don't know if I want matte or shiny shoes.
Unfortunatly I couldn't find pictures of the shiny ones so I was wondering if anyone of you had pictures :)
The bodyline picture of the shiny ones is here:

(If a cut is necessary please tell me ^^)
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