September 2nd, 2009

[Random] Lolita twins

Muslim Lolitas

I have received moderator approval to post this advertisment (。◕‿◕。)

As you may know there are some Muslim lolitas out there. I'm probably a well known example in daily_lolita ^^; And since they exist but are probably few in number, why not gather everybody in one place. People from a similar background in one location.

The community is a place for people to discuss a variety of topics in relation to Japanese fashion and the religion. Lolita of course is a prime sub-culture of Japanese Fashion, and probably the most well known one too. Within the community, members can post essentially about anything. Discuss about the hijab and what to wear with it, or about which Japanese fashion type you prefer, why is that? Post photos. Video tutorials. Anything and everything.

You don't have to be a Muslim to join the community. Everybody is welcome!

So feel free to have a look and join muslim_jfashion today! :D

[the community is still new but soon more information shall be added]

Lady Gaga

Does anyone have link to the clip were Lady Gaga was wearing shiro lolita with the bad tan and shades? It's for my blog, especially for the part wear she takes off her shades to reveal that she was wearing ganguro makeup. I remember someone posted it but I can't find here nor youtube.

Thank yew!

On selling second hand

Hi all :)

I am completely new to selling my lolita clothes on the sales community. I have no problem grasping the rules but there is one area that I have anxiety over: What to price items at. I have this Moitie set, a headress, blouse and a skirt all bought off the site that I have hardly worn but because Moitie is so expensive I have no idea at what to price these items at whilst getting a good deal and not over pricing them and scaring off potencial buyers. I tried searching but I found nothing that could help me...

I was wondering if egl could me on this matter as I have no clue ^^;;

Thanks in advance!!

A question about copyrights

Uhmm... I was thinking about writing a novel about lolitas but I'm a little worried about copyright issues because I would like to include some brand names into my novel.

Eg: She was wearing an Angelic Pretty jumperskirt, Btssb onepiece, etc.

I see other novels that have stuff like "wearing Dior heels and a Chanel gown" but I'm not sure if they need permission from the brand owners or not beforehand.

Help, please? Thank you. >///<

Possible Prom and Sewing Questions

So this year im graduating (yay) and i would like to wear lolita for it.
I found this dress on Victorian Maiden, and i fell in love with it XD
Except i wont be able to buy it. So i decided to make it XD

Does anyone have any tutorials to make any part of this dress
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