September 1st, 2009

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so in case you didnt notice many of bodylines items did NOT go on 1/2 off, most noteably the shoes and many socks.... i asked them about this and got a small response already O.o we shall see what comes of it though..

UPDATE: They say that the items that did not go on sale were already marked down from their ORIGINAL prices and would not be marked further (i think? i am having to guess from the engrish)
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madame red

indie patterns and you: A guide to what exists beyond Simplicity

This will be cross posted to the sew_loli community.  Later, I will do one on scaling up patterns from books and the internets.

Are you not satisfied with the loli-able pattern options available at your local fabric store?  Well, there are a lot of other options out there, many of which may wok out better for you.  I will say that most of my background is in period costuming, so much of this will pertain to loli-able historic patterns.  Hopefully, y'all will still find this information useful.

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Can anyone direct me to a shop link for the Asian brand 'Endeavor', as seen on Lolita Tales here? (edit: LolitaTales is now defunct as far as I'm aware, btw, so don't try and place any orders with them) I thought that they might perhaps be on Taobao. My searching has been unsuccessful!

Otherwise, I'd be very grateful if anyone could direct me to a source for good quality fabric/fake roses with UK or international shipping? They are surprisingly tricky to find (with the exception of this type, which I don't like)!

Many thanks.