August 31st, 2009


Tea @ Hairloom & Caramel

No, really, the cafe we went to for our tea-party was called Hairloom & Caramel and not Heirloom, lol! That's because the place was both a hair-salon and a cafe =) It was a very cheery, bright place with eclectic furniture and haphazard tea-sets. The hair-salon aspect was very prettily designed as well. It was a pity they wouldn't let us take more photos though at other areas of the cafe due to the other patrons there. But the food and ambience was nice~

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i need some inspiration. I just got this fabric, it may not be my style, but i know it will make some loli happy once i make it into a dress. Its very older Baby or VM to me i just don't know what to do with it yet... any ideas ladies? what would you like to see it become?

thinking of something like THIS JSK that i made recently, but again i am just looking for ideas :)

Question about Bodyline...

So i've never shopped bodyline before and after recently checking out their website i have a question about sizing. It seems like every dress i looked at only offered one size. Is that right? or am i missing something? Do their sizes just tend to run small? I'd like to get some of their dresses, but if the sizes listed next to the dress are the only ones they offer i don't know if that's gonna happen.

Thanks for your help!
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Lolitas in the US?

Hi all. This is my first time posting, but I've been lurking around for about a year. Sorry for such a long first post, though ^.^"

Please don't laugh at me or call me stupid, yahoo answers took care of that for you already. I was thinking about starting a lolita clothing store in the US with some of my other lolita friends, online at first, but then I actually wanted to have physical STORES in the country. Of course, that is many many many years in the future, but the issue on our minds is: where would be the best place for a lolita store? We want to know where the most lolitas live (or are likely to live by the time we have the resources to open a store) in the US so that we can have an idea of what cities to research.

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15_ shaun erick and armani w/ signs

50% Off at Bodyline~


In other news, hopefully Mr. Yan's b-day sale will work out better than last year :P

HAY GAIZ, Bodyline home page says that all the prices won't be changed until about 13:30 JP time (in 3 or so hours) so in the mean time DON'T KILL THE SITE lmao.
Cuppy Cake

Dresses for Petite Girls

Hi, I am 4'10 and I am a dress size 00. All of the brand name dresses I have heard about are an American size 6, which clearly way to big. I have heard that Fan+Friend makes custom size dresses but I don't know of any other places that do this. From the sounds of it I can get a name brand dress but only if I get it altered so much it will cost the same amount as the dress. Can anyone help me by telling me of other companies that make custom size dresses or a way for me to wear name brand dresses?

Thanks! <3
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Announcing our New York store opening date!

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comLadies and gentlemen (and we know there are a few of the latter out there), we're pleased to announce the upcoming opening of the first brick and mortar Japanese street fashion store in New York City! The largest city in the United States is neglected no longer.

When: October 3, 2009
Where: To be announced!

The location is, for now, secret. But we do have a space, and we're working on it right now. Air conditioning went in this weekend! We can at least tell you that it's in lower Manhattan, as we always planned. Somewhere in the circled area below:

(Probably not in the water, though.) Why are we holding out? It's simple - the space is still empty and raw and we want it to be a little more finished before we announce the location. We'll be ready in a couple weeks.

There's a lot to do, especially with planning for two major events going on concurrently. We have not only the store opening coming up, but also the New York Anime Festival in just a few weeks time (yikes!).

We'll be doing some special promotions for our store opening, and we'll have more details on those as we get closer to October 3rd.

We just want to say also that we're extremely excited to be able to open our first physical store, and to bring all these great fashion brands from Japan over to the United States. You know, there's more than one brand in Japanese Lolita fashion, and there are a bunch in punk fashion too. They all deserve their chance here, and we'll be expanding our brand offerings beyond what we have now hopefully pretty quickly. (We already have a few more lined up for the near future.)

Stay tuned for much more in the coming weeks. If you want to follow all the little details as we work on the space, follow us on Twitter.

Be sure to tell all your friends about us! And feel free to repost details of this anywhere on the internet that you feel it's appropriate.

Those of you who are interested in applying for jobs - yes, we will need to hire people shortly, but probably not before opening. So your best bet is to wait - we will have job applications available in our store and likely online (though you will need to give them to us personally once they're filled out).


I am super excited about this. Thank gackt i live in manhattan :D I can't wait for all those brands and especially the Gothic Lolita one ^^