August 30th, 2009

My very first brand dress!

Last month, I went to Japan for this student ambassador program representing my country, Indonesia. During the trip, we stopped by Harajuku for a couple of hours! I immediately rushed to closet child and stopped by bodyline :D And I bought my first brand dress in closet child.

Please take a look at it! Constructive criticism appreciated!
I'm also not familiar with the name of this IW dress. Would anyone care to tell me?

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Weston Park/Manor (Big Photopost)

Hey everyone :)

I had a lovely family trip to Weston Park a few weeks ago I thought you might enjoy some of the snaps.
I loved the gardens, its 1,000 acres of parkland, huge lakes, a mini railway a few cottages etc.
The Manor house its self was stunning but we werent allowed to take pictures in there sadly but I got a lot of beautiful scenery, it would make a gorgeous meet location if your in the uk ...if you dont mind walking ^_^


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Misako Ameblo 08/31/09 07:43:50

Hello everyone

You may remember a survey I took for translating a lolita blog. I did not just do a run-by polling and disappear, I just haven't had the chance until now to get around to starting to translate the lolita blog that got the highest results, which is obviously Misako Aoki! I may get behind in translating her entries but I'll try to keep up as much as can with my schedule.

Enjoy and thank you to everyone who participated in the survey!

EDIT: All translations will also be available on my journal.

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mars whut

Shoe Finds

Found some shoes at the local Shoe Carnival, and was wondering what y'all think. I've never been really into the huge loli shoe (mainly because they're so expensive, lol), so I'm inexperienced in judging shoe loliness. XD
Sorry if my cut doesn't work. I'm inexperienced at cutting pictures, too. ^_^;
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I need your opinion please...:)

I'm brand new to LJ and need some advice from you all.  I make little fascinator/hats that have always been considered Gothic Lolita or Burlesque.  I started making these hats because I am a female photographer and love to shoot this style.   I was recently told that my pieces weren't Loli at all.  Can you take a look at the link below and let me know what you think?  Do you think that there would be a market for them?  I don't know what to call them because some are Loli (I thought) and some more burlesque.  Can you give me your opinions pretty please?

Thanks so much!

Help, BTSSB Bunny Bear bag!

Hello Everyone!
I need help. I'm looking for a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bunny Bear Bag (usakuma), but I'd like to know first how many different sizes and models of this bag exists. I know that the big size bag is available in Baby online store.
Thanks in advance, I'd like to see also photos of all the different models.

Bye <3

Lolita Blog Topics

So there are may or may not be a lot of lolita blogs out there.

But since I'm starting one, I need ideas on what to talk about.

Maybe it was a meetup gone worng or your parents getting upset?

What makes you tick and need it to be heard?

I am willing to voice your opinion and be thanked (or harrassed) by the opinions of you.

So help a fellow loli out please?
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Lolita Tattoos

I'm looking at getting a tattoo, and I really want to get something cutsey, and/or music related.
How many lolitas out there have tattoos?
Lolita related tattoos?
I'd love to see them, or tattoo designs you have ^_^
I won't take them, lolita's honor.
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key necklace

[Question] A scholarly question, if you will.

This past summer I was spotted in Lolita by one of the design professors at my University. She wants set up a study abroad short term in Japan, exploring Harajuku street fashion subsets, including lolita. I plan on pointing her towards the handbook, this LJ community and (possibly the article, but I'm not 100% content with the Nabokov explanation and a few other things.) , however, a lot of the stuff seems to be more of a how-to-dress/where to buy style guide, and not a "why things are the way they are" or "lets understand this from an outside perspective" look on the fashion.

I know there are tons of people on EGL that are seamstresses, or used lolita with fashion majors, etc., who have looked at the clothes from the design, concept, and origin perspective. What do you guys recommend?

I'm totally not a fashion person, so if I've missed anything, feel free to chime in.