August 29th, 2009

helping out a friend

 I know there  are a lot of Larger lolita girls out there, but it is very difficult for them to buy brand names. 

 I hear the average size in the US is now around a 10-12(US woman's).  bssb's standard size is around a 6-8, depending on the cut.  Now there are some dresses which are more friendly for larger people... maybe up to a size 12, 14 is pushing it.  But even though they fit via the measurements, they don't seem to fit right in other places.
 But some girls are tall and skinny, and they just may need longer skirts or so on.
 What do you think?
How larger should the companies go?  Should they go up to a size 12-14 as a standard "large"  size? 
 Should they go larger?  
 or more specifically,  where would you ask to make the dress larger?    In the waist and bust?  longer skirt length?  bigger in the shoulders and chest?


Style fusions; gothic-sweet-gothic

Last night I came to think of a peculiar question. There has been some discussion on whether pink+black = sweet lolita/bitter lolita, and black (+white) clothes with bows and cutesiness = still sweet lolita. So, if it's possible the other way around as would one then go about making a gothic lolita outfit in traditional sweet lolita colors? Is it viable? Can it be done and how? What makes outfits gothic (or sweet for that matter) when taken out of their "comfort zone"?

I would absolutely love some drawings and descriptions of your ideas in addition to mere conversation.

Or rather:

1. What makes an outfit gothic/sweet/classic if excluding the color-scheme?
2. How well can these styles borrow from each other without losing their own categorization?

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Nana Kitade Circus shoot?

EDIT: Found, thankyou!

Hey ya'll... I remember a Nana Kitade shoot (In KERA I think?) that was kinda Circus-y? This might have been one of the photos, but I don't remember. Does anyone know the shoot I mean and can post them for me? I know I own it somewhere, but a lot my magazines are in storage right now.

Much thanks in advance.
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coordinating help?

I have this white Metamorphose skirt. It seemed like a pretty versatile item at first, but I've tried and tried and can't come up with anything other than full-on shiro. While I love shiro-loli, I'm much too clumsy for it.
Do you ladies have any ideas for me?

Sorry for the awkward wording, I really need more sleep >
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EGL Banner Art Contest

Hey everyone! A few more days left in August, and it will soon be time to change up the layout and themes! We have three entries this month, please take a look under the LJ-Cut and vote on which one you think should be featured in September!

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