August 28th, 2009

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Japan Trip incoming!

I'm planning my little xmas-time trip to Japan and I would like some infos.

I'm currently looking for some address...
La Foret Harajuku, the OIOI of Shinjuku... and probably Closet Child too.

You can give me idea of what to do, I'm going to be 2 weeks there : ).

Thanks <3
I &lt;3 TLV

Washing Brand

I would just like to share a tale of stained brand, with a happy ending.

Recently I got purple hair dye all over the collar of a while Angelic Pretty blouse. After freaking out for a while, as I have quite a few shirts permanently stained with the same dye, I consulted my mom on what to do, as she is my authority on cleaning. She advised against getting it dry cleaned, and instead told me to rub stain stick on the purple and wash it on the delicates cycle. I was convinced my beloved blouse would be destroyed, but as it was it wasn't wearable, so I gave it a try. After two washes, the stain is COMPLETELY GONE and the blouse looks brand-new again!

So if you happen to get a stain on your brand, don't despair! There is hope! =)
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Usually late night silly-ness is something i do by myself or at the most with the help of my BF (photoggrapher), but tonight i had plenty of company! We each put on one of my Rococo sets and took an arse ton of pics... some of my faves are below as well as a link to the gallery :)

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Mostly Silly 3-4 AM pics... don't take them too seriously lol. If you want better pictures of the individual dresses i certainly have them, just not on these models.

U.S. baby store qustion

So I was at the opening and the credit card machine hadn't been working that day (luckily I got cash out beforehand). But does anyone know if their machine works now? I'm going there later today and I want to know if I should take out cash. I'm kind of weary about taking out so much cash for what I want to buy there
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What sword would fit a kodona/dandy/ouji?

Or would none of those fit?
Poll #1450248 Accessory Question

Which sword would fit on a kodona/dandy/ouji? (only display swords [made of stainless steel])

fencing sword
Kodachi/Wakizashi or any other sword sword

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Rocking Horse Shoes only £120.00

Ok, I just posted this into my livejournal, and since I don't use online stuff like this I don't know what I'm doing...but...


I kid you not.  Ok, they're not the ballerina/golf/other traditional ones, they're by melissa, but my god, they're a thing of beauty.  They're coming out in Feb 2010, and I just phoned the flagship store on Conduit Street and the person I spoke to said to phone back in December for exact release dates.

Or you can pre-order them online from
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URGENT Help with!!!

Hello.Has anyone shopped at apparently they charged my bank account two times though I only purchased one thing(shoes from yosuke two pairs) and I would like to know if anyone has experienced the same thing??or can someone direct me to where I can send a letter to them about this problem??because I couldn't find it on the english translation of that site.or should I send a letter to the shop,yosuke about it???Please help!Thank you!

News-Can anyone read japanese or translate this???


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What is your dream photoshoot?

O.k maybe a weird question but somehow we all like weird questions don't we? ;)
So most of us love being in front of the camera, I know I do XD
I was wondering if you had the chance to do a full lolita photoshoot on any location you want what idea would you pick? I've seen so many gorgeous shoots but somehow I have the feeling that I have seen some of them before, don't take me wrong I love looking at them but I am wondering if there is more possible. So if you could plan the perfect shoot what would you do?
I am having this weird idea in my mind of making a series of photo's with lolita's doing normal every day stuff ( doing the laundry, waiting for the bus, standing in line at the supermarket.) and I also really want to do something like these:

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By me!

UK lolita spotting!

I was out in the Manchester Arndale today and I saw another lolita but I was dressed down so I didn't say anything... She was wearing pretty much all white apart from a pink bag, and had rocking horse shoes on. Mysterious UK lolita, ARE YOU HERE?!
I never see other lolitas in Manchester apart from the ones in our group, so I would love to know who you are : D

Help, please D=

I just got a pocketwatch from the Putumayo group order that Harajukuhearts did.... and I have no idea how to set the time. I only managed to open it.

It's the golden crown pocketwatch from here

Also, hi xD This is the first time I post here... I'm more of a lurker << >>

[EDIT] Thanks so much for your speedy replies!! <3

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IW boots shoelaces

I received my Innocent World boots in the mail today, purchased off the sales comm. It's in great condition overall, but the shoelaces are quite yellowed. Would anyone know somewhere one could purchase new shoelaces long enough for knee-high boots? I've checked a few places and I can usually only find the kind that's for Converse and sports shoes, not long boots.

Thanks for any help in advance :)

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I Need Help Choosing Winner for a Contest!

I hosted a lolita design contest and it's almost over so its about time I started choosing who the winner is going to be.  The problem is that I need help choosing a winner for this contest because I can't make up my mind! I thought it would be a good idea to ask fellow lolitas to help me decide. Its a simple contest, just design a cute lolita dress.  These are the enties. 

edit: The contest is about design, not so much who the best artist is. Here are some more details.