August 27th, 2009

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Has anyone heard of this shop?

Im always looking out for new places to buy lolita. On my latest venture across the internet I came across a little site called "Cosplay365buy" . Now I realize some of their dresses look like a hot mess, but other dresses are actually pretty cute. Plus, their dresses are really cheap, and free shipping is always a plus, too. So, has anyone ordered from them before? Do you think I should risk it? Heres a link to the lolita portion of their shop:

Too afraid of dressing completely in lolita yet

Hi, I'm somewhat new here, I'm from Chile and I've liked lolita fashion since a couple years ago.
I haven't got a full lolita outfit yet for two reasons:
1- Money
2-I don't think brand dresses would really look good on me. Sure, sweet lolis look really, really cute but I wouldn't really dress in pink or light blue. My favorite color is purple (not lilac) and it's very rare to find loli clothes in that color.

I mainly like classic and sweet lolita, but I think that many classic loli dresses look too simple, and sweet ones look kinda over the top...
So I've decided to commission dresses to a seamstress and make stuff by myself with my mom's help.
But still the color combinations make me feel uncomfortable, as I don't want to mix purple with black too much because it would look too gothic and that wouldn't fit me, and maybe purple/light colors would look too costumey.
My dream dress includes a nice color combination, its, (I really like this brand in general), does it look good for other fellow lolitas or I'm not starting well?

Also any tips and/or stories about your first days dressing lolita?
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So in light of my recent epic failure... which we all have naturally. i wanted to see some BETTER examples of GOTHIC loli pinups... i love pinups and loli, but i really HATE sweet (no offense you sugary girls out there)... give me some awesome ideas that i can make a reality! I know the pinup topic has been brought up before but i specially want black, lace, plaid, things of this nature.... no guro tho, not really my thing.

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Camping and Lolita

I am going camping in less than a week, and I plan to wear lolita when I go out. (obviously I won't do it when I am hiking! XD) 
I plan on doing some photo ops, especially with some wild flowers. I am going to Sequioa National Park. It's been so long since I've visited! 

 Does anyone have any camping experiences while wearing lolita?

Discuss please! <3 Thanks!

Edit: No, I won't be wearing brand XD I plan on wearing something simple and not too poofy. I've taken precautions to hot weather, dirt, bugs etc.
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Lolita Goodies

Hi there, I'm new to posting so appologies if I do something wrong!

I have been thinking of opening up a loli shop of my very own for quite a while now, and seeing as I've just aquired home internet, I believe this is a good time to start! ^_^

I have a few good ideas, but i do have one troublesome question- What will these lolitas buy??

So, I've posted here today to ask for suggestions!
I've had experiance in many crafts concerning lolita. I can't yet make dresses, but I can do wristcuffs, cufflinks, beaded and chainlink- natured jewlry, mini tophats, opera hats, nails (painted, no deco yet ^_^), all kinds of headdresses & bows and loli-esque purses & bags.
^_^' I can also make bjd and cosplay esque things, but I would rather have a respectable lolita shop, unless nobody minds.

I would like to start making things for EGLcomm sales just to see how it goes, so what would you all like to see? What themes would you like to see more of?  I'm here for sugestions, so let me know! ^_^
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I was wondering if Baby is going to be getting the Little Kitty(previously known as Runt Cat xD) headbow in stock? I ordered the Tiered JSK in Mint, and I received it over a week ago, and the headbow still hasn't come into stock. Is it going to, or did it completely sell out during the reserve?

Also, I just received this cut-sew looking blouse from F+F, and I was wondering how to wear it. It's not made of the t-shirt type material I was expecting. Would it be tucked in? It's the length of a regular shirt, so if I wore it overtop a skirt it'd be squished a bit. Also, does that sort of top look ok underneath a JSK, or does it look completely ridiculous?

Edited because I didn't want to make a new post so soon.

ATC reminder post!

Just a quick reminder, if you're participating in the ATC swap, the due date is coming up! September 10th is the date, so you have about two weeks.

I've been without internet, but if anyone needs me to resend them the adress, please let me know ASAP.

That's about it. Just a heads up. Everyone, get to drawing! XP

EDIT: I'll be without internet for a few days, so if you see someone who posts needing the adress, and you have it, send it to them please! XP
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Newb needs help :(

Hello im Bridgett :) really new at this so sorry if i've done something wrong! I've wanted to dress lolita for two years and am finally there :D..but i need a bit of help. I purchased a few blouses from macy's that I thought might really work as my lolita tops, but im not sure if i chose correctly.

So..heres the big question, what should I do to improve these tops? Should i leave certain ones alone, go crazy with lace and bows on others, maybe totally give up on one?
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Lolita Fashion Research

Hello! My name is An Nguyen and I am doing research for my Ph.D. dissertation about Lolita fashion in and outside of Japan.

As part of my research I am conducting an online survey. The survey is completely anonymous and confidential. The questions are in English but you may respond in English, French, or Japanese. The survey will take around 30-45 minutes or more to complete depending on how much you write.

edit: Some people seem to be having technical difficulties with the survey. I think it may have to do with your setting for cookies on your browser as well as the amount of people trying to access the survey. I provided some alternate links which hopefully will solve some problems. If you somehow jump to the beginning of the survey, press the back button and keep trying. Your answers up to that point should be saved for you. Thank you for your patience!

LINKS TO THE SURVEY (note: They are different links to the same survey):
(alternate link 1)
(alternate link 2)
(alternate link 3)

The survey is open to people of all ages around the world and to anyone interested in Lolita fashion regardless of experience in the fashion. You are welcome to fill out the survey even if you don't wear it anymore or don't wear it at all.

I am also conducting confidential face-to-face and online interviews via chat (AIM, MSN, etc.) and Skype. I am currently located in Ottawa, Canada, but during the course of my research, I will be traveling to places like New York, Toronto, Montreal, California, Japan, etc. If you are interested in being interviewed, please email me at anguye42 @ (remove spaces) for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to make a comment to this post or email me. Thank you very much for reading! m(_ _)m

Posted with mod-approval.

Stock photo request

Ok, so I've only got a description to give you, but here goes. It's an angelic pretty dress that was released vaguely recently, that has red and white polka dots and a sailor collar, which detaches so it just looks like a normal summer dress. I checked through the stock photo pool and it wasn't there, so does anyone have any of them by any chance?