August 26th, 2009

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Okay, first off I've heard a whole whack about this community and thought it was a forum. So when I got to EGL I really didn't know what to do, so I put it off. I came back today and fiddled around until, success! I can post.

Secondly, I'm not a lolita yet. I have two dresses currently, one gray and black, round collar long sleeve and button up. The other is a generic pink and white jumper skirt. With only those two I can't exactly be full loli, no can I? But I'll be soon. I make all my dresses myself, by the way. ~.o

So onto what I want to know, would a short hair loli be acceptable? I mean, really short. Boy short. I can grow it, I'm just curious what all of you think about a short haired Lolita.

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A couple questions sparked by Kera April 2009...

I was lookingthrough my April 2009 Kera and had a couple questions.  I thought someone here might be able to answer them.

On pages 13 and 82 there is an h.naoto Frill jsk that I'm falling in love with.  Does it have a name? How would I go about finding one? (It's not on their must be sold out. Not surprising...I'm pretty late.)  About how much would it cost?

Also, I'm really loving Baby's Blooming Snow White jsk in cream w/ mint trim.  I especially love the underbust, but either design would be good.  How much could I expect to pay for one of these, and once again, how would I go about finding one?

I'm already aware that I could post a WTB in the sales comm, so please don't tell me to do that.  I know there are Japanese sites other girls use to find these dresses and then hire a shopping service...that's more what I'm asking about.

New Meta Items

 There was a new skirt metamorphose had out a while ago that I regret not reserving. The green strawberry one in particular. Do the reservation items ever make it to the website as regular stock or new items? If not, can I still order this item? If so how?! I hope someone can help me & thank you for your time.