August 25th, 2009

Spring Lolita
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Resell vs. New Values

I have a question for all you ladies about resell vs. new values. Recently, I had moved all my stuff into a storage unit because I was going to move back to the East coast from California. I went back to Georgia to live with my family for a bit and find a new job and left everything back in Cali. When I went with the storage company I did is because of their increased security features. Well, the security features failed and my unit was ransacked and robbed.

So, that has now left me with the dauting task of compiling a list of what was stolen - and their replacement value. Included in what was stolen was almost my entire collection of Alice and the Pirates stuff. Now this is where the conundrum lies - do I provide the value of what it would cost to replace the items (which I don't think I will be able to replace (though for one item I think money is no object at this point!)) or do I provide them with the cost of what the items were new.

I would really love to replace my AatP stuff, but I am not sure if I can. What should I do? I don't even know what the items would be worth used or how much they would cost to replace.

Advice EGL?

UPDATE: Some have asked what was stolen. Here is the list:

Black/White platform boots size LL (the one item I really, REALLY want replaced asap!)
Black lace up boots with crown detail size LL
Cream Admiral hat with blue feather
Black Mini Tricorner Hat (the original one with the big bow in the back)
Black with white accent Treasure Chest Purse (a different version is now available at Baby)

If any of you ladies can provide approximate values (new and used) or if anyone knows of anyone who is selling these items, I would greatly appreciate it. All items were purchased new from Baby over the years.

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Buncha Questions

Hey all you lovely ladies! I have a bundle of questions for you all:

How does everyone get their dresses zipped up???

When I unzip mine and put it on I find it SO difficult to get zipped back up when I have it on especially over the seam where the skirt part meets the bodice! I'm not SUPER skinny so the jsks are a little tight on me as well...  which leads to, how do you get the ribbon on the back to fit properly and not be too short/saggy in places when you put the jsk/op on?

Secondly I have seen a lot of you have SUPER cute mannequins where do you find them. I'm looking to buy a few to display my dresses, ones that are a little funky like this:

Thanks so much

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I recently got a Ectsy account, and I was shopping for Lolita. I know you guys are the authority in good Lolita taste. Because I’m a poor undergrad, can you recommend any tasteful & affordable shops that sell Lolita dresses (or accessories) or at least really cool vintage dresses? Thank you!

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I'm looking for inspiration for tea-related items!  Would you please take a moment to post pics of your tea sets, infusers, strainers, saucers, teapots, tea-inspired jewelry or prints, anything RELATED TO TEA!

Thank you much! ^_^


this is a set of AP print postcard/posters i did for a convention recently.
they're all AP 2009 prints but i didn't have time to do cherry berry bunny ( * A * ;)
please click the above thumbnail set to link to the main images (on my journal)!

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Does anyone know where lolita clothing terms originated? (such as "cutsew" for shirt, "colourway" instead of simply colour) They irritate the hell out of me for some reason, probably because they make no sense to me. Can someone explain this?

Super last minute submissions!?

Hi all! Sucrerie Magazine here!

Would anyone out there like to be in our Western Lolita Style Watch for our fall issue? (Coming out Sept 1st) If so - we need your full length photos and outfit rundown asap! We need at least 3 more outfits or we won't have enough to fill the pages and the Western Lolita Style Watch won't be featured in our next issue :(

Please email if interested!
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Bunny Bear Bag Replicas?

I was wondering if any of you girls would be interested in buying a replica bunny bear bag at as a cheaper alternative from the BTSSB ones. I've sewn some smaller plushies before for gifts and I wanted to try my hand at making a smaller one for fun out of some scrap fabric we have here at the house for practice.. (I'd post my results here) I could also customize the bow/ fur colour on the bunnies. Possibly even eye color too!  With a little experimenting, and help from my seamstress mother, I could try making the pockets a little bigger.

Also does anyone know the demensions of the medium and the small ones? I own the larger one myself that I can use for reference.
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Belated Hogwarts Lolita Photopost

This is really late in coming, but we didn't want to post until we'd gotten a few decent shots of our outfits. We finally got our asses outside last weekend, so it was high time to get posting.

Last month, bebeonmars, pinkwigs, wswyc, and I decided to get dressed up for the opening of the new Harry Potter movie. As long as we were getting together costumes anyway, we thought it would be awesome to also host a party for it. Then we discovered that our town is crap and was having absolutely no midnight showing, so unless we wanted to host our party at 10:00 a.m., we would be dressing up for the not-really-the-opening of the movie (specifically, the 7th showing), which is lame. So we ALSO bought tickets to the midnight showing in Calgary. In CALGARY.

Long story short, we saw the film twice in 24 hours, with a party in the middle, and traveled two and a half hours each way for the first showing, and even booked a hotel room for the purpose. It was like Geek x Infinity.

Since there were four of us, it seemed like an awesome idea to each pick a house to represent. The funny part is, the houses we chose represented all of our personalities perfectly, so nobody felt like they were forced into a house they didn't like.

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