August 24th, 2009

Angelic Pretty event?

Does any one know if Cosplay Oneesan is doing another event for AP in California this year?  I would love to make it this time around, but I need so info so I can start planning!  Last year was kinda short notice for me.

First timer

I bear a sort-of-invitation and pictures!


I'm a 20 y/o from Austria, who's currently staying in Tokyo. The sort-of invitation goes to anyone who's there right now as well, feel free to pm me if you want to meet up :) I've been here for 1 1/2 months now so I do know some places to go shopping/out to, so if you feel like it... I'll be here till the 1st of September :)


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Alternative to petticoat

So for the past 2 (yes 2....) days I've been shopping not for a petticoat in particular when I got dragged into Topshop. I was flipping through their sale racks and upon investigating the Petit rack I came across:

Cosmic Criny Dress

An idea popped into my head as I realise I needed more pettis (with two very mediocre ones) that this would be a perfect chance to see what I could use other than a petti. I know hoop skirts exist but this is a dress as well...though I couldn't see myself wearing it out. Reminds me of Lady GaGa.

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Also forgot to mention, I found this petticoat, pretty poofy, anyone bought it??
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Pullip question

I wanted to know which dress the Pullip Sfoglia is wearing?
I mean Dal Maretti wears a Wonder Party dress, so I thought Sfoglia is also the mini-version of a real dress. Which AP-fan can help me? what's the name of this dress?

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Lolitas in Chile ??

I'm going to Chile this year for the first time :3!! I'm not Chilean but  My husband is chilean and i was wondering if there is any Chilean Lolitas out there ??
I'ld love to meet you and see what lolita is like in another country ! 

(so much chilean in this post !)
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I received this comment regarding a list of popular Japanese blogs that I posted on my journal but I am not sure what the comment says since I don't speak Japanese and yahoo translator is strange. Okay here is the comment...


また あそびにきてね(^_-)-☆

When put through the translators, the person seems to be thanking me....If anyone knows which blog person this is, I would appreciate it!

Edit: I believe I found the person...
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Art post: somewhat silly

I was a bit bored and decided to make a new friends only picture for my journal.

If this isnt allowed I'll be happy to delete it, I just figured someone might enjoy it. Also I really want a metallica lolita outfit 8D (but you know, better than this one here. Im totally going to go design one >_>)

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