August 23rd, 2009

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Picture Request: Black Skirts

I'm looking for some inspiration for sewing up a black lolita skirt. I am specifically looking for relatively plain fabric and pretty hem details (like lace, pintucks, etc.) Any skirt shape is fine! ^^ Thank you so much... :3
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Giant pile of forever 21 short sleave blouses

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Went out and bought the first one today... its SO SOFT! i think it will look great under a OP as well if you want something with a nicer neckline. I have to say that everytime i get a F21 blouse with shank buttons though i find myself sewing them back on w/in 24 hrs.... no different here, not that i mind tho... it was 11.50.

Also got the Red plaid with neck bow. Very cute! The arm bands are a tad small, but thats the only complaint. They have 4 hole buttons so i don't think these will be coming loose any time soon.
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hello! anybody in tokyo?

Hello everyone!
I'm Flora and I'm a french/italian photographer recently graduated from London College of Communication.
I will be in Japan in October and November and I'd like to photograph the japanese street fashion world from an inside point of view, (I'd like to try not to get the classic turistical pictures in harajuku ^^)
Is any of you living in Japan and is willing to work together on the project let me know, I will give you high res pictures in exchange :)
Also do you know is there is any other way to contact lolitas who are living in Tokyo?

if anyone could help that would be lovely :)
thank you
p.s. link to my portfolio.

Wardrobe Idea for Lolis on a Budget

So, I've been thinking about getting some kind of wardrobe for my lolita stuff in order to get it all out of the closet (which was getting really crowded, with both me and my boyfriend's clothing in there). I didn't have the extra cash at the moment for any actual furniture, though, when I managed to get my hands on a garment rack. It wasn't very attractive on its own, though, so my brain got to percolating...

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my first time in lolita!

I've long been an admirer and even started sewing lolita things but i have yet to put together a full outfit until now. also i have really short hair, like, twiggy short and i didnt think it would look elegant enough with lolita so i was waiting until i got a wig i liked. I just wore this inside, not even outdoors yet. also forgive my crappy mirror pictures. i live alone and i was too excited to wait for a friend to come over and take pictures.
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