August 21st, 2009


Lace Anyone?

Pat Kerr: Wrapped in Royalty

"A short documentary film about Pat Kerr, a renowned dress designer and an expert on antique lace, owning the most important privately held lace collection in the world."

I'm drooling. Some OT stuff, but, the lace making details are just too cool.
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Blouse Question

I'm currently on the quest for a few great blouses, but want to make sure I'm "doin' it rite":

How important is a ruffle or other detail at the bottom hem, when worn un-tucked over a skirt?  I love IW's high-collar blouses, but their measurements lead me to believe that they'd be skin-tight; not good.  F+F ones will fit me well, and leave enough space in my budget to get more than 1, but there's no detail at the bottom.  I suppose I could add it, but it might look odd.

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Posted with permission from emiko

My co-mod and I have created an 18+ Lolita group lolita_feminea after receiving a (majority) positive response to the post on this community.

Lolita Feminea was made for lolitas by lolitas as a way to express and celebrate who we are as not just lolitas, but adults in general. Here you are free to post tasteful photo’s, art, and discuss topics of a more mature aspect that our younger counterparts will, at times, not understand. We will not regulate weather every post is Lolita related but please keep in mind that the community does have Lolita in the name for a reason. This site is designated for open discussion and examination and we welcome you!

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit outfit

Edit: I was pointed out that this is rather the White Rabbit and not the March Hare. ^^; Sorry.

This time I present a white rabbit outfit I had in mind for a long time. I thught I would never wear it, but luckily Ichigo commissioned me, so I was able to sew it.
It consists of the following:

white underskirt with broad lace (sadly I only have a photo without the lace)
pleated skirt with golden teapots and cups
vest with golden pocketwatch stencil and golden bunny shaped button
bag with an Alice in Wonderland fabric
bunny ear capelet

Cream and gold seem to go for me very well. ^_^
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Secret shop/antenna shoes


Sorry I've been out of the loop for a while, but I was wondering if anybody is still doing secret shop shoe group orders anymore? (or perhaps they are now sold somewhere accessible?) Did a little EGL searching but came up with nothing recent.

Thank you :D